Prejudice (Revised)


Choosing Your Friends

When you choose your friends
On what it all depends

Is the character they possess
Don’t leave it to a guess

They’re not a pair of socks
With a color that rocks

For if that’s how you choose
Whether them to keep or lose

Then you are more than silly
And I mean come on, really

Their character counts in all
For a good one doesn’t fall

Like fair weather friends do
That you can’t depend on too

Each one of us God made
And our debts Christ paid

Their color is not the way
To decide what friends will stay

Because before you will know
All of the good ones will go

Leaving you a pair of socks
With no character that rocks!

Teresa Marie   5/23/11


Prejudice walks hand in hand
with hatred its constant companion.
They’re ever ready to do battle
at any time and with anyone.

For they hold on tightly
to what’s eating them inside
as Satan fuels their hatred
in which he does abide.

And it does sustain itself
by leading the next generation
right down the same old path
while spawning their own devastation.

For it’s a learned behavior
’cause you’re not born that way
instead it’s what you’re taught
day after day after day.

Until that seed they’ve planted
has rooted good and strong
as they constantly feed it
thinking they’ve done nothing wrong.

Prejudice only breeds more prejudice
just as hate breeds more hate
and they circle around each other
as they’re dancing to hell’s gate.

Where the devil stands laughing
waiting for all the fools
that he deceived into sinning
by breaking the Golden Rules.

He taught them how to hate
it’s what all prejudice comes to
and if you’re in his company
he’ll spend forever tormenting you!

Don’t be the devil’s victim
let all your prejudice go
and free yourself from hate
don’t let their seeds grow.

Turn your life over to
God’s one and only Son
the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior
who over hell has already won.

Teresa Marie   2/26/11