Those Gone Before Us (In direct relation to my discussion of the other day – God moves in mysterious ways!)

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 Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how God moves in our lives.  I just happened to turn on the TV the other day to catch that Dr. OZ show  and write to you all about it.

Tonight I received an e-mail from my mother that was forwarded from my cousin whom I’ve been in close contact with for the last few months concerning her mother (my mom’s sister-in-law).  Aunt Marge has been ill.  We have been praying for her.  She got better and was released from the hospital.  My mother called to say that her, dad, and another aunt and uncle went to see her and how great she looked.  It was a very happy visit, along with encouraging.  Next we heard that she was back in the hospital again.

My cousin had e-mailed my mom, she forwarded it to me and I replied back to my cousin.  I had told her that I would continue to pray for her recovery.  She had stated that they were all praying for God’s will to be done, which I said I also would and hoped it would be that she would stay with us a while longer but that I was also sure that my uncle was probably ready to see her again in heaven too.

Now tonight I read that my lovely, vibrant aunt is tired of fighting for her life.  She is in pain, very sick and worn out.  She told my cousins that she is ready and has stopped taking all medications.  They are working to get her released so that they can take her home with them for her final days/hours/ whatever God gives them.

After bawling for a while, I sat down and wrote this poem for her and my cousins.

Now, back to the Dr. Oz show, this, to me, is not suicide – this is being allowed to die with dignity and of your own choice.  Aunt Marge is in her 80’s, medications would only prolong her suffering without any guarantees of curing her current problems.  I say, go for auntie dear, that is your right to stop taking the antibiotics and whatever else they are giving you.  Go with my love!!!

Had I not watched that show, I would have been less prepared to have dealt with this news tonight.  Thank you, Lord God, for speaking to me in advance!!  As always, You are my Hero!!  Always there for me in whatever way I need You!!!!

Love and blessings, Terri