Barrier Between

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‘Twas the craziest thing
that I’d ever seen
when there had appeared
a barrier in between

A world of magic
and then this one
where pixies and fairies
were frolicking in fun

I tried touching to
see what it’d do
in the hopes maybe
I could pass through

But, alas, ’twas there
I could not go
to this other world
that I didn’t know

Which only served to
make me so sad
it was only a
fantasy to be had

As I watched those
little imps in play
wanting just to be
a child for a day

And let my imagination
carry me there to
the place in adulthood
I no longer knew

So the decision I
made in the end
was I’m not too old
for “let’s play pretend!”

Teresa Marie  12/26/11 ©

The Butterfly Fairy

I’m the good fairy
of all the butterflies

That do fly through
the bright blue skies

I love blowing bubbles
magic contained for all

Putting guards around them
 both large and small

The butterflies love this
kindness that I do

And my magic bubbles
aren’t seen by you

Must be a fairy
my bubbles to see

Or in your imagination
pretend that you may be!

Teresa Marie  10/4/11

Come And Fly


Come and fly

Away with me

Into my world

Of pure fantasy

We can go

Have some fun

Your cares will wait

Until we’re done

Then we can play

A minute or two

Where there’s nothing

That we can’t do

Come let’s go

Fly up high

As the stars

In the sky

Escape your woes

Be wild and free

In my world

Of fantasy!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11