I Want A New Game

I want a new game
I’m tired of the same

This old one we play
day after day after day

I can’t take it anymore
don’t want to keep score

Happy is what we’re not
don’t cast one more lot

If you continue to pretend
this friendship has to end

Must be more to life
I’m not the king’s wife

And you are no princess
there in your finest dress

But ordinary people are we
it’s high time you see

Being greatest of God’s creation
should bring us all elation

We could ever have need
I won’t live in greed

Though you I will miss
I’m moving on from this!

Teresa Marie   9/27/11


Beautiful Disaster

One kiss and it was my beautiful disaster.  -Unknown

Raven, oh raven
what shall I do?

What has this masquerade
now led me into?

It was one kiss
and that was all

That it had taken
for me to fall

Into my beautiful disaster
which has left me

Here talking to you
and crying in misery

Raven, oh raven
now I comprehend

That’s what happens
when you pretend!

Teresa Marie  8/25/11

That one is also for you, Sara.


Sitting here thinking

Darling, about you

My mind returning

To things you do

No need pretending

When I’m with you

There’s no happy ending

Or love isn’t true

No urge of escaping

And no other shoe

Waits for dropping

It won’t turn into

My heart stopping

God blessed me with you

My love’s never-ending

And you love me too

There’s no need of pretending

What I think of you!

Teresa Marie   8/21/11