picture it & write #34; Sylvia Said

The deadly smoke danced up towards the ceiling as if trying to escape from her crimson lips. The smell of nicotine was pungent as it seeped through the black satin gloves she wore. Sylvia didn’t know why she bothered to come on board to this cruise, it was full of hot air and nothing more. The grand hall was littered with generals, lords, ladies and other members of the elite. The men whose eyes danced in her direction blubbered with loose, deeply intoxicated smirks.

Out from the crowd a robust man caught her eye. Within seconds he advanced towards her, Sylvia averted her eyes and inhaled the cigarette deeply. “My sweet pearl, Sylvia,” The man leaned in towards her, his cheek felt like sandpaper and she could smell his abhorrent breath. “Dance with me.”

 Ermisenda Alvarez


A Facade?

Lying Eyes

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Something Feigned

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For all of those who are hurting right now from some sort of betrayal, you know who you are – and you are beautiful to me!!


When at the start of day
onto their face is pasted

Big phony smiles it seems
their lives are all but wasted

As through the minutes and hours
if to each goal is hasted

Where is there any time left
for the good things to be tasted?


When the pretense is always there
of having too much to do

And they don’t ever take time
as they go rushing on through

How will they see their life
are being voided as true?

Have not these same questions 
ever also occurred to you?


What is the big hurry?

Names and faces become blurry

As they scamper and scurry

Through their world of worry


What blessings God gives you

And what with them you do

If your life be lived untrue

You’ve wasted it through and through!


Teresa Marie  12/18/11  ©


Two Faces

There are two faces
 every day we wear

One is just pretending
that we even care

For the worldly problems
that’s around us everywhere

When we’ve no time
in reality to spare

If in their troubles
we don’t ever share

It’s just a face
that we do wear


And then we’ve another
that is for real

Where only glimpses of
will our “friends” steal

Those who are closest
know the real deal

Hear our true thoughts
about how we feel

Have the patience to
our different layers peal

Who always help us
stay on even keel


But time may come
to all one day

When what we think
is what we say

‘Cause we have found
there’s only One Way

We are supposed to live
each and every day

In black and white
there’s found no gray

This is for everyone
what I do pray!

Teresa Marie   9/27/11


I Hide

From the world I hide
what is the real me
So much I hold inside
and won’t let others see

For I really am afraid
of what they may think
‘Cause I have dearly paid
when others wrote in ink

The opinions that they formed
over something little I said
Through the click it stormed
and I wished I was dead

Now I live in fear
that people won’t like me
And so it is my dear
I’m not what you see

For this is a facade
that to the world I show
And truly it’s only God
the real me does know.

Teresa Marie   8/5/11