Gasoline Prices


I, as well as millions, can’t understand why the price of gas has gone up so rapidly.  It makes no sense to me when you get some one day and then the next day it has gone up 17 cents!  How does that happen?!  The American people are getting hosed by somebody out there!!  It really makes me mad that Mark gets this great job, which is 23 miles one way, and half his income seems to be going in the gas tankGod help us!!

We can’t afford to get a new vehicle unless God blesses us which a miracle.  So what do you do?  My mom sent me an e-mail with some gas saving tips.  You all probably know most of them but maybe there is one that you don’t, so here’s what she gave me:

Avoid high speed.  Driving 62 mph instead of 65 mph can reduce fuel consumption by about 15 percent.

Do not accelerate or brake hard.  This could save as much as 20%.

Keep tires inflated.  Refer to your car manual and keep tires inflated to the recommended pressure.

Use cruise control.  It can save gas.

Avoid heavy loads.  Remove heavy items from car.

Avoid long idles.  If more than a minute shut off the car.

Hope there was a tip or two for you.  I knew most of these but the one about 62 mph instead of 65 was new to me.  I don’t know what we all are going to do when they start jacking us for $5 a gallon! 

Please God, help us poor people down here ’cause the world is completely out of control.

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Teresa Marie