the “P” photo-archive; Princess

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the “P” photo-archive

by frizztext

The Frog’s Joke

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Princess and The Derfalings

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There once was a princess
ruling her kingdom of Derfalings

A land with giant creatures
some of them silly things

Who suddenly decided one day
a birthday party to throw

For when it truly was
no one seemed to know

So they planned to have
it to be a surprise

And a crazy excuse did
the four ringleaders then devise 

All went to the princess
saying her help they need

While begging her come along
to their cave with speed

Where others from the kingdom
were already there in hiding

When the princess began asking
what help they needed providing 

 And at that very moment
her subjects sprang out with glee

Presenting her with their gifts
wishing a birthday so happy

Which startled her at first
but then made her cry

As the Derfalings were searching
a tissue her tears to dry

“Thank you all so much
for what you have done

Now come on let’s party
and have a bit of fun!”

Teresa Marie 1/24/12  ©

Fairytale Wishes

Cotton candy and fairytale wishes

Dreams of learning to fly

Popcorn and ice cream dishes

As clouds go floating by





Dancing fairies and butterflies

In little girls’ imaginations

All the fantasies they devise

Have no need of explanations








Pixies, imps and elves

Are born for kids to see

From books taken off shelves

Coming to life in their fantasy






When my mother would say

What us kids should do

Was just go on and play

My books I would run to







And read of  maidens defenseless

That into the imagination tapped

As the poor waiting princess

Was alone in a tower trapped






Yes magical worlds and fairy tales

To each and every child gives

A place where nothing ever stales

and the wildest fantasy lives!

Teresa Marie  1/1/12  ©

Little Girl Dreams

When I was yet
just a little girl
so many dreams did
through my mind whirl

Of being a princess
with fairies did talk
as in mountain’s majesty
I would endlessly walk

Joy, excitement, grandiose beauty
filled all my dreams
as I made plans
and hatched my schemes

It made me sad
when I would awake
and lose that world
of imagination I’d make

But I still knew
that my beloved fantasy
awaited in my sleep
to return to me!

Teresa Marie  11/3/11

The Snowprincess

The snowprincess is waiting
with patience she’s anticipating

The first day of snow
setting the world aglow

With an icy glimmer
of crystal diamond shimmer

On a moonlit night
she cherishes the sight

Of fresh snow falling
when no creatures crawling

or human tracks mar
the countryside afar

Then at the sunrise
what’s blinding the eyes

Melts under the its beam
as if only a dream!

Teresa Marie  10/15/11

In A Dungeon

I’m locked in a dungeon
where the world’s put me

For the princess I am
they all refuse to see

They look at the outside
and pass judgement on me

But the beauty that’s within
they don’t seem to see

Why can’t they ever understand
if they would accept me

Then the love hidden there
the world could finally see

But instead this facade is
what they think is me

‘Cause locked here in a dungeon
the true me they can’t see!

Teresa Marie  9/7/11

 For Sara and Aaliyah, love you girls.

Waiting and Waiting


I sit here waiting and waiting
as to a butterfly I’m relating

The questions I have of this
and if I’ll ever find bliss

’cause I’m trapped here waiting
and with myself am I debating

If someday my prince will come
but to the world I grow numb

For all the waiting and waiting
there must be some compensating

If soon he doesn’t arrive
how will I ever survive?

The more I sit here waiting
the more my life I’m hating

God, please come save me
then my prince You’ll be!

Teresa Marie  8/15/11