Poetry Picnic Week 27: Spring Break, Vacations, Favorite Colors, First Kiss; Rainbow Display



Sharing A Rainbow – Tanka

Promises of God

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Wishing – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; W-Archives

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

Wishing the rain
stops without delay

Wishing to see
a rainbow display

Wishing the sun
comes to stay

Wishing to go
outside and play

Wishing for more 
time in a day

Sometimes we’re wishing
our lives away 

Teresa Marie  1/29/12 ©



In A Tree

You ever wished that you could be
living way up there in a tree?

To just reach out and touch the sky
as the clouds go rolling by?

Bathe in colors of a rainbow
dancing through as they ebb and flow?

Awe in an eagle’s majesty
with grandeur of true royalty

Witness to the glorious sight
of magnificence taking flight?

To be a part of each new dawn 
imagination it goes beyond

Oh how I wish that I could be
living way up there in a tree!

Teresa Marie  1/15/12  © 


Poetry Picnic Week 22: Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives

Color; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: C-Archives

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color found

in a rainbow


find me

there must go!

Teresa Marie  1/12/12 ©




Color My World Hay(na)ku



rainbow hues

color my world

Teresa Marie  12/19/11 ©

Rainbow Angel

Image Source: photobucket.com

 Did I see an angel
sitting in a rainbow?

This got me thinking
and wanting to know

How many you suppose
does a rainbow contain?

Just how long there
does an angel remain?

In each and every
different shade and hue

Is there an angel
looking down on you?

  From God’s holy covenant
whence the rainbow came

A Divinely made promise
in His Most Holy Name

So why wouldn’t angels
travel through a rainbow?

Think next time I see one
I’ll search for their glow!

Teresa Marie  12/7/11

Beauty And Color

You gave beauty and color
to a dying flame
and reignited my life
when into it you came

When your handsome face
I saw the first time
I wanted either to run
or to make you mine

Now that you are 
I think of that day
you brought back life
from out of decay

By returning my flame
done up in rainbow hue
I’ll never be the same
 darling because of you!

Teresa Marie  11/21/11

Heart As A Rainbow

Over your life
I spread my heart

In rainbow hues
my love impart

The red is for
my heart’s beat

With a love
man can’t defeat

The yellow is
as finest gold

The love I give
to have and hold

And true blue
is my heart

I give you
to never depart

So yes it is
just like a rainbow

That shines for you
wherever you go!

Teresa Marie   9/7/11