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Radiance – A-Z Alphabet Challenge: R-Archives

Radiance is found 
in every rainbow

Comprised of the colors
that through it flow 



We all use them
To change what’s gray

And brighten the world
in our own way



They can be
found most anywhere

To ease our
times of despair







I’ve found color
relieves my strain

That in joy
I can remain




As the world
becomes ever dim

Chance for hope
starts getting slim





If in color
life we live

What to others
may we give

It just might
the reason be

God gave rainbows
for us to see!


Teresa Marie  1/24/12 ©

Magical – A-Z Alphabet Challenge; M-Archives

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A magical world lies
for those in between

Around the ages of
from four to thirteen

 That in their imagination
can anytime be seen

All in vibrant shades
of blue, yellow and green

Found in aqua with
pinks and purples too

A rainbow of color
in all different hue

 With unicorns and fairies
also living there too

A land of enchantment
rolls into the view

Of all those that still
have an open mind

And who only want 
some escape to find

When it is they are
still free of life defined

By the adult world
of  work and grind.

Teresa Marie  1/18/12 ©



She Sees Rainbows

She sees rainbows everywhere
giving her joy to share

They are reflected in her eyes
it’s their beauty that she cries

She sees rainbows everywhere
knowing God has love to spare

While it is she always tries
days of pain to not despise

She sees rainbows everywhere
’cause she knows God does care

For she did one day realize
all our treasure in heaven lies!

Teresa Marie   10/19/11


Week 10 Theme: Nature, Mountains, Rivers, and Forests #1