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My Thought For The Day; Change is Inevitable

A Facade?



Reality – Haiku

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What makes up my dreams

Has no commonality

With reality!

Teresa Marie  1/20/12  © 

Daddy, Why?

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Daddy, why is it that you
 the truth can not ever see

When the reality of it is
that a father you’ll never be? 

Oh daddy, why do you always
blame things you’ve done on me? 

And come to think about it
you did the same to mommy.

Oh daddy, I really do hope
that there will come a day

When you will open your eyes
and see it in another way

For it’s what you have done
and the things that you say

Which have pushed me so far
that I just had to get away 

And now you’ve turned your back
on your daughters one, two, three

As you cry out to the world
“How could they do this to me?! “

Oh daddy, I really do pray
you wake up to the reality

That this was never how
I wanted for it to be

But you can’t keep treating others
like they’re dirt under your feet

Daddy, I wish you could see
that it’s only yourself you defeat

When the time comes for you
the end of life to meet

 Remember with God you’re alone
standing before His judgement seat!

Teresa Marie  1/9/12  ©

For my three abandoned girls
I love you all, one, two, three! 

Dreams Are


shall become

as our realities


failures aren’t

seen as finalities

Teresa Marie  12/26/11  ©

Thursday Poets Rally Week 59

On My Private Island – Free Write Friday

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In my fantasy world
is my private island

Where everything is easy
for me to understand

Unlike the one here
when in all reality

Becomes way too much
to bear in its totality

I make my escape
to a magical kingdom

Where I have rule
over what does come

For it is there
that I am free

To be anyone that
I want to be

And on this Island
a joyous life live

Far from the one
of give, give, give

In my fantasy kingdom
everyone is kind

When I am there
I have peace of mind

Although I cannot stay
on this island forever

I find that when there 
 any storm  I can weather

So I make sure
regularly to visit

And I really don’t think 
that’s so bad, is it?

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©



A World of Fantasy

In a world of fantasy
I wish that I could be

Where there is no reality
bearing down hard on me

With magical creatures to see
replacing a life of insanity

As my cry for humanity
goes unheeded by the authority

I would be in such ecstasy
without any fearful expectancy

Of this ending in some tragedy
before she can be free!

Teresa Marie  11/21/11