A Thought For Your Tuesday From Edith Wharton

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Complacency Infection

Reflection – Hay(na)ku


definition of

our self inspection.

Teresa Marie  1/9/12 ©

Watching Crows

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While I stand watching 
the crows fly away

As the unfilled dreams
gone of my yesterday

I can not help
but to feel remorse

For all the times
I’ve veered off course

The fruition of them
I could have seen

In years I’ve lived
here in the between

From the past to present
there shoulda been more

Today is a far cry
than what I had hoped for

But with that being said
it is without any guess

That my life on earth
could have been much less

What it boils down to
is a matter of perspective

And I find in times
that I’m being reflective

What I desired from life
were material things to adore

Now I know without any doubt
God blessed me with much more!

Teresa Marie  1/6/12 © 


As I gaze at my reflection
in the ripples on this pond
I am filled with introspection
of the life I’ve moved beyond

I refuse to ever go back
to how I used to be
when courage I did lack
to escape from the misery

That fear has no place
in who I am today
the demons I did face
those days long gone away

My heart is now full
of His love and peace
and my senses are dull
to the pain I dd release

Gifts to me He gave
both the great and small
held strength to be brave
enough that I would crawl

My way through the darkness
that had so engulfed me
out into the holy brightness
of His love and liberty!

Teresa Marie  8/27/11

Overflow Of The Heart

“From the overflow of the heart does the mouth speak.  Loose lips are the mirror to the soul.”  – Vera Damanka


It is from the overflow
that springs from the heart
the true you I know
was hidden from the start

And your mouth does speak
the words you don’t say
for only do you seek
 to get your own way

But you have loose lips
which your soul do mirror
and from them it slips
a reflection that’s much clearer

My heart you have broken
no matter what you say
the words your heart has spoken
have made it plain as day.

Teresa Marie  7/8/11

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