Not What I Expected

He said “I love you”
And I felt it in my soul
“I’ll take care of you,
For that is a husband’s role”

“If you’ll marry me,
I promise not to leave you,
And as you will see
To never, ever hurt you”

“I do believe you”
Yet the words were hard to say
“I’m in love with you”
But my head screamed “Run away!”

My heart he did steal
And he heard me say “I do”
Then prayed it was real
But my soul already knew

Vowing “I love you”
To the man I respected
Meant “forever” too
A silent fear deflected

I stayed ever true
Though with time felt rejected
‘Cause when God took you
It’s not what I expected

Grief moved in to stay
The moment that I lost you
When there is no way
To love this life without you

For my husband, Mark (Aug., 1961 to Jan.,2019)

Teresa Marie  7/4/20


New Blog Posts

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Hello Friends,

I haven’t seen many of you on the new blog yet.  Since I believe that some of you would care to know about the upheaval in & total destruction of part of my life, I am posting the links to my new blog posts.  I hope to see you visit me there.

Love, peace & blessings to all,

Teresa Marie




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All the things I have seen                                        

All the places I have been                                       

All the things that came between                         

All the times my slate wiped clean                       

All the things I didn’t mean                                      

All the times on You I lean                                       

All my mistakes since a teen

All the drugs from which to ween

All the days with hands unclean

All the sins I left unseen

All the seedy place I shouldn’t have been

 Since my life did once begin

 With my childhood left therein

Coins in my cup of tin

 As You took away my sin

Where would I ever try to begin

That peace be found there within

Attempts for recognition among the din

A life of freedom there to win 

Stacked a mile on head of a pin

My soul contains them there in

Those things that led me into sin

Made excuses for it all

Every time I dropped the ball

The many times to me You’d call

When to answer I would stall

Then You weren’t my all-in-all

What I did must You appall

That I did have such a gall

With my back against the wall

Never on my knees would crawl

Until I took a massive fall

And made to You my final call!

Teresa Marie  12/18/11 ©

Went Back To The Mirror

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I went back to looking
in the mirror today

Seeing if something different
to me it would say

Than what it did
just the other day

And the person I saw
had changed in some way

I didn’t find there
the one old and gray

But rather the leprechaun
came out to play

That bit of myself
had not gone to stay

With smirk on my lips
I took pleasure to say

Goodbye to my thoughts
of the other day!

Teresa Marie  12/14/11 ©

My Free Write Friday post of last Friday was a bit stuck on the outward appearance and my down mood, today when I looked, there was a different, more lighthearted person staring back  ~ and I thought I would share that person too 🙂


FWF; Take A Good Long Look At Yourself

by Kellie Elmore


Distorted Reflection

Your reflection is distorted
gets twisted and contorted

When everything about you
little things you do

Seen through their eyes
is who you despise

They don’t clearly see
who’s standing before me

Young lady growing strong
knowing right from wrong

The reflection that’s you
seen my eyes through

Of beauty and grace
who’s finding her place

With life looking grand
better than you planned

Loved as you are
you will go far

This life and beyond
you hold the magic wand!

Teresa Marie  10/1/11

That’s you Sara Jayne!  Deeply loved you are!!