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Hello Friends,

I haven’t seen many of you on the new blog yet.  Since I believe that some of you would care to know about the upheaval in & total destruction of part of my life, I am posting the links to my new blog posts.  I hope to see you visit me there.

Love, peace & blessings to all,

Teresa Marie



Deep The Sands

30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 14 – Someone You’ve Drifted Apart From

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

by frizztext

Watching Crows

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While I stand watching 
the crows fly away

As the unfilled dreams
gone of my yesterday

I can not help
but to feel remorse

For all the times
I’ve veered off course

The fruition of them
I could have seen

In years I’ve lived
here in the between

From the past to present
there shoulda been more

Today is a far cry
than what I had hoped for

But with that being said
it is without any guess

That my life on earth
could have been much less

What it boils down to
is a matter of perspective

And I find in times
that I’m being reflective

What I desired from life
were material things to adore

Now I know without any doubt
God blessed me with much more!

Teresa Marie  1/6/12 © 


“Everyone has a past to deal with, but God wants you to realise that there is life beyond your past.”   – Eyob Kassa
Are you haunted by the past?
Will it not leave you alone?
Does your happiness fail to last
for seeds of regret you’ve sown?
No need to be that way
God wants you to realize
with the start of each new day
look into the clear blue skies,
To know there is a Life
that goes beyond your past,
leave behind regrets and strife
and into the fire them cast.
Go out and live each day
the way you wished you had
Then the past will decay
And life won’t look so bad!
Teresa Marie ©