I Was Taught Respect

From a young child
respect was taught
for those whose lives
our safety bought

It mattered not
what badge they wore
more important
the oath they swore

A debt we owed
of gratitude
freely given
without attitude

Killing police
condoned by blacks
proves just what
this country lacks

Following God
His laws to keep
was in our hearts
conviction deep

Yet to believe
today brings scorn
an evil soul
in us was born

If once again
we put God first
He’d prosper us
and lift our curse!


On a tightrope I race
through the air and space
while they attempt to displace
the truth to my disgrace

Lie upon lie they add
trying their story to pad
when the reality’s so sad
that they’re all barking mad

One day ’twill be known
when light of day’s shone
on how it has all grown
in the mind of one alone

Let the battle be won
when all’s said and done
in truth what was begun
has been seen by everyone

For God has rescued me
through my life’s history
just as now will He
from this tightrope set me free!

Teresa Marie  11/22/11

I’m So Afraid

I am so afraid
left here all alone
the more time passed
my fear has grown

Where are You God?
Can You not see
that I’m waiting here
with a deep agony?

‘Cause I can’t hide away
from all of the voices
and they keep telling me
I’ve made the wrong choices

The longer I wait
my hope becomes slim
and the voices say,
“Why wait on Him?”

“Just kill yourself now
get it over and done
then freedom from pain
you will have won!”

But with every breath
I keep holding on
’cause faith in You
is not yet gone

Please come, dear Lord
You must rescue me
before I lose all
of my sanity !

Teresa Marie   9/3/11