Teach Our Sons and Daughters

*image sources: 1) my.opera.com; 2) unknown other than fellow blogger

Now more than ever each
parent needs to teach

Their son or daughter
whether mother or father

The right way to act
the meaning of tact

The way to treat each other
boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother

Society is falling apart
lost is the kindness art

Boys, girls, women and men meet
but fail with dignity them to treat

The other as a living soul
who deserves respect on a whole

At least until they’re busted
as one to not be trusted

I think the magic charm
is to teach “do no harm”

If we do, then just maybe
the way to treat a lady

Will not be totally lost
at such an expensive cost!

Teresa Marie 2/15/12 ©

As My Ship Sailed Away, Again

(Image Source: my.opera.com)

I ran to the shore
as quickly as I could

Praying it would be there
and yet it did no good

For I saw my ship
was sailing away from me

I sat down and cried
over how it should be

Even though the fault was
none but my very own

I couldn’t help thinking that
once again I’m here alone

While everybody out there is
living a life they’re enjoying

I sit at home tired
of with my food toying

Life has lost it’s luster
it doesn’t for me shine

But yet is it truly
the fault is only mine?

Still, even though I’d like,
there’s no use to pretend

The reality is that I
have control in the end

For it is your attitude
that does your character define

And I really need to make
a big adjustment to mine!

Teresa Marie  12/10/11