Tuesday’s Verse From Proverbs

All That’s Not Eternal


All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.

C. S. Lewis

All that is not eternal
has not value or worth
In sands of time but a kernel
that we spend upon this earth

We’ve run after silver and gold
in pursuit of our ultimate dreams
but as in the days of old
wealth is not what it seems

For it lasts just a little while
then can easily be taken away
and it’s our soul that we defile
for pleasure that fades in a day

In this life we want everything
that our neighbor has and more
but when we die what can we bring
of those things that we once adore

For the earthly things quickly do go
from the in to the out of date
when eternity is but a stones throw
and today is what seals our fate

So if you desire eternal reward
then what you now must do
is spend your life on what’ll afford
the gold of heaven to you!

 Teresa Marie  6/24/11




“There is nothing wrong with people possessing riches. The wrong comes when riches possess people.” – Billy Graham


Nothing wrong with what you possess
Wealth and riches’re okay I guess

So long as your motives are pure
Because it’s greed that’s hard to cure

But you must tread with care
And not be caught as unaware

The place that people do go wrong
Is wanting what to others belong

And when riches are possessing you
It makes the devil most happy too

Then he will lead you astray
With a desire for what will decay

Because what wealth and riches are true
Are the ones waiting in heaven for you.

Teresa Marie   4/17/11