Tuesday’s Verse From Proverbs

Saturday’s Verse From Proverbs 2

Endless War

With Our Little Disaster

We’re all a little damaged
with chinks in our armor

Some hide it really well
while some don’t even bother

Somehow or somewhere from life
we’re all torn up inside

And we carry it around
with many tears we’ve cried

Taking it out on others
then all along the way

When sorry begins  to be
something that we just say

For it has no meaning
deeply felt by us anymore

‘Cause we’re not the same
as we were once before

And then we will damage
someone else around us too

But we are too busy
to notice that we do

For our little disaster that
we do call our life

Is all we think of
as we bemoan the strife

Yet we are all forgetting
the One most important thing

That into our life does
some relief to us bring

When in that disaster we
in God put our trust

He will come to us
for He’s righteous and just!

 Teresa Marie  10/7/11