As Is A Rose

When love is new
as is a rose

It starts with a bud
and the petals closed

Slowly we open up
as the time goes

The more we do
love in beauty grows

As to each other
our true emotion shows

When in full bloom
everybody around us knows

If storms we weather
as the wind blows

Love will be sustained
as pretty as a rose!

 Teresa Marie  12/3/11


A Rose I Hold


A red rose I hold
in my hand for you

It represents all the love
that I give to you

It’s red as my heart
that’s yours with every beat

The color of my face
the day we first did meet

And it’s of a shade
that is lush and deep

Just as my love for you
is ever your’s to keep

So please will you accept
this rose that you see

As I pledge my heart 
to you for eternity!

Teresa Marie   9/3/11

I love you Mark