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When your feeling sad and life is lonely for you – Reblog

Posted on 18/01/2012

When your feeling sad and life is lonely for you

don’t just sit there and cry shedding tears for two

think off something that would put a smile on your face

go and get it be part of the human race

when life feels lost and your feeling down

have a nice cuppa and gaze all around

and when darkness has set in it’s just the end

and test we must all go through

the conclusion of a part of life

and the start of something new

life can be full of hope and lots of happiness

it what you make of it so take a chance today

so don’t be worried and don’t be sad

because god made you special

and something special will come you way

just be patient and wait and see

for happiness will soon return to thee

and when it does the sun will shine on you

with a spring in your step

you will laugh and joke and say

bring it on life let’s go and play

do your worst life you wont upset me

my sadness has past i am as happy as can be

i am no longer sad and lonely

upset and angry for you

ive come through life’s little test

and i am smiling for you.

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For The Tears You Cry

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How my heart is breaking
for the tears you cry

As you toss and turn 
in the bed where you lie

With grief  I am stricken
’caused you’ve suffered more pain

That a heart so young
as yours should ever sustain 

I desperately wish that
there was more I could do

Than these mere words
that I’m writing to you

 For there you are
and here I remain

When another love’s lost
from your life once again 

If only I could just
pick up the phone

I would to tell you
that you are not alone

Although it does seem 
that there is no way

You’ll survive this blow
to smile again one day

My every prayer will
now for you be

A light at the end
of the tunnel to see

And again I must say
that you ARE NOT alone

For I love you as if
you were truly my own 

Even though you don’t think
that God loves you too

I swear to you darling
that it is very true

And although it makes
no sense right now

Just know that it will
some day and some how!!

Teresa Marie 1/15/12 ©

I love you, babygirl!!

Hold on, if nothing else do it for me!





Daddy, Why?

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Daddy, why is it that you
 the truth can not ever see

When the reality of it is
that a father you’ll never be? 

Oh daddy, why do you always
blame things you’ve done on me? 

And come to think about it
you did the same to mommy.

Oh daddy, I really do hope
that there will come a day

When you will open your eyes
and see it in another way

For it’s what you have done
and the things that you say

Which have pushed me so far
that I just had to get away 

And now you’ve turned your back
on your daughters one, two, three

As you cry out to the world
“How could they do this to me?! “

Oh daddy, I really do pray
you wake up to the reality

That this was never how
I wanted for it to be

But you can’t keep treating others
like they’re dirt under your feet

Daddy, I wish you could see
that it’s only yourself you defeat

When the time comes for you
the end of life to meet

 Remember with God you’re alone
standing before His judgement seat!

Teresa Marie  1/9/12  ©

For my three abandoned girls
I love you all, one, two, three! 

In My Enchanted World

In my enchanted world
fairies are always there

They fly around me
from out of nowhere

Many glad tidings do
they bring to me

Come with different gifts
from each little fairy

They make me happy
when I am sad

My enchanted world is
best to be had

When the real one
brings too much pain

This world of imagination
does always me sustain!

Teresa Marie  10/2/11

So Sad

I feel so sad today
it’s like I’m empty inside

That I feel this way
is getting hard to hide

I really do not know
a reason that I’m sad

But it’s beginning to show
and that makes me mad

‘Cause people look at me
and they just don’t understand

That I don’t want to be
“the leader of the band”

I want to be alone
somewhere that I can cry

Where there’s no ringing phone
with my friends asking why

I won’t go with them
to dinner and a show

When I have this problem
I just don’t want to go

So to the Lord I pray
and ask Him to help me

For there is no other way
from this sadness I’ll be free!

Teresa Marie  8/23/11

For my “adopted” daughter, Love ya Chic