Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE

by frizztext

Listen & Write; Unwritten

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Aniela lay on her bed looking up at the chandelier.  Graduation was tomorrow; everything she had worked for would be accomplished.  Her grades weren’t perfect, but they were as good as she could manage.  She didn’t want to go to college, not when she didn’t have a goal, something to be working toward.  The eggshell ceiling above her was like a blank page, her future unwritten.  Even though she did not want to be Queen, she envied Theodore; he had always known what he was working toward.

Unable to lay still any longer, Aniela ran outside.  She needed to move, needed to run, needed to do something.  She gasped as the rain smacked into her, coming down almost horizontally.  Pulling the sleeves of her sweater over her her fingers, she ran.  Unconventional? Sure, but it was something.  It was movement; it wasn’t staying in the same place, treading water until she could no longer stay above the surface.  She wasn’t sure what she was running toward, she just needed to run.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

picture it & write-Prompt #27; Why Should I?

I viciously threw the measuring tape to the ground. The black and white markings glared at me from down below. It felt good to throw it away. Why did I torture myself over a few kilograms or an inch? I didn’t measure my relationships with my friends, my emotional state, or the breadth of my smile with a tape. So, why did I measure my self-image with one? The tape appeared to writhe on the floor, wanting to latch onto my thighs, hips, and waist to critisice and ridicule me. I had come to realise that a healthy body cannot be determined by a black and white number. I ripped the tape in two. There were so many beautiful shades of grey and I was happy with mine.

 Ermisenda Alvarez

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Viewpoint (Haiku)


* I wrote this poem for all three of my children who are struggling right now with their self…  meaning; self-image, -esteem, -worth, etc.

The things that people do and say to us/about us are so very damaging to our psyche.  Even when we know at times what they are saying is false, it still hurts us.  We are left wondering why they would say or do that to us and eventually work it around in our minds where the finger is pointing back at us; like we must have done something to cause them to act that way.

The reality of it is that, often times, it is their problem and not ours.  People can just plain be mean for many reasons; self-loathing, anger issues, jealousy, selfishness, vindictive, etc.  But any way you slice it, we all have effects on each other, whether good or bad.

We need to keep this in mind at all times (including myself) when we open our mouths.  We need our words to be chosen more carefully and not speak out in anger.  To coin an old phrase, “we need to zip it!”  Because, when we don’t, the damage we do lasts for much longer than our anger usually does!

With love,






by frizztext

Fractured – This Week’s Picture It & Write

Snap. I wondered if I would be able to see my pink beanie in the photograph. It had been at least three weeks since Christmas had arrived and left, and yet I found a Christmas ball upon this tree. Hanging. Dangling. I felt the strange urge to reach out and snap the twig. Snap. I watched it fall, gracefully into the snow with a thud. It didn’t break. I could still see my damn reflection. The seemingly perfect sphere wasn’t so perfect. I could see marks of erosion and decay, like the ornament had developed cancer. My distorted reflection laughed at me, at my failed career. I kicked my reflection. Smash. It broke into a million, fractured pieces in the snow.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And as there it lay
broken before my eyes

That momentary reaction
how I did despise

When it was because
my character they attack

While saying that there was
a “something” I did lack

To make me feel less
so they could feel more

Deserving of the praise
that they just lived for

Yes, I have many fractures,
little cracks and flaws

But I get them honestly
each one has a cause

They call my life
a mess and failure

And yet I have to wonder
if the same they could endure 

I’ve taken every punch
still on my feet standing

I will not ever buckle
in this world so demanding

I’m sorry oh little orb
I took it out on you 

When at the moment it seemed
you were laughing at me too

If my life was solid
without cracks in my ball

However could my light
shine through then at all?

Of who I am today
I truly must be proud

And to all the haters
I’ll scream it out loud!

Teresa Marie  1/14/12 © 

__picture it & write

by Ermilia


image source: google.com/images

I may be small
but I am dynamite

When formed without error
God made me right

I pack a punch
that’s out of sight 

For I am filled
with power and might

You believe I’m less
this I must fight

 For my self-worth
comes not from height

Of your constant harassment
I make not light

When because of you
I feel so uptight

But I know that
in the darkest night

That the reality is
your heart’s not right

Nor are you found
pleasing in God’s sight

And there it lies
in black and white!

Teresa Marie  1/11/12 ©

A lesson in self-esteem



I believe that ugly
is a bad word

And should be one
that is never heard

When beauty’s in the
eye of the beholder

And given to each
by the pottery Molder

Who are we to
ever judge someone

According to the work
that He has done?

For the beauty that
the world does see

Is not the definition
of what’s in me

When of being ugly
you have been accused

It is a form
of being abused

And who is society
the standard to set

On the gage of 
beauty to be met?

If you can’t see
how unique and rare

That God made me
then I don’t care!

Teresa Marie  1/1/12 ©

For all of those “unattractive” people out there,
“you are so beautiful to me!”