Saturday’s Thought From Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Monday’s Quote From Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dying Vanity

Do you Think I’m Beautiful?

Do you think I’m beautiful?

Don’t I have a lovely face?

They say although I’m fanciful

I move with infinite grace

That I glide across the floor

And every man looks to see

Who could ask for anything more

Than to be as beautiful as me?

But what you don’t know

Is that I’m ugly inside

What to the world I show

Is my facade of pride

Yet I’m shallow and empty

My beauty is only skin deep

So stay away from me

Or upon your heart I’ll heap

The greatest ache and pain

That you have ever known

You’ll think you’re going insane

When your mind I’ve blown!

Teresa Marie   8/19/11

The Death of Selfishness

We must die to selfishness in order to experience true happiness.  – Eyob Kassa

It’s selfishness that must die
On this you can rely

Before we can ever win
and true happiness to begin

Because the denial of me
Is all that we must see

As the number one goal
Before we can ever be whole

And then happiness is complete
When our selfishness we defeat!

Teresa Marie   4/12/11