I’m Nothing


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I may be small
but I am dynamite

When formed without error
God made me right

I pack a punch
that’s out of sight 

For I am filled
with power and might

You believe I’m less
this I must fight

 For my self-worth
comes not from height

Of your constant harassment
I make not light

When because of you
I feel so uptight

But I know that
in the darkest night

That the reality is
your heart’s not right

Nor are you found
pleasing in God’s sight

And there it lies
in black and white!

Teresa Marie  1/11/12 ©

A lesson in self-esteem

Fishy, Fishy

Anja tapped her pen against the desk impatiently. Only one hour had passed since she had started work. The expansive office was too cold for her liking, the dumbstruck fish in the aquarium continued to ogle at her and her useless colleague was always asking for help. A fish in the aquarium caught her eye, it was not moving but instead staring, or appeared to do so. Was this the height of her career, staring at a fish? Those big, ambitious and naive plans of the 20-something year old she used to be had been punctured long ago, the remnants leaking disappointment. Pathetically, she could see herself in that dumbstruck fish. She blinked and lost sight of the fish that had first caught her eye, they all looked the same and she could not distinguish one from the other. Desperately she searched, her eyes burned with tears, had she too been swept away as a nobody?

– Ermisenda Alvarez 

Oh fishy, fishy
what could it be
that you see
when looking at me?

Does it occur
that we’re a blur
am I obscure
or are you unsure?

Oh fishy, fishy
wish I could be
a little fishy
out in the sea

I’d swim away
in light of day
from this decay
of our society today

Oh fishy, fishy
just to be free
would probably be
your wish same as me!

Teresa Marie  10/30/11


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Tired of This Mask

Tired of this mask I wear
I just wish I could be

The person that I really am
for all the world to see

But I am so afraid that
people won’t like the real me

So I go on pretending
living an assumed identity

Of it I don’t know how
it is I can get free

I can’t help but wonder why
this mask has overtaken me

And fear that I am doomed
 to wear it for eternity!

Teresa Marie  9/16/11

For all those who are wearing a mask and pretending to be somebody that you are not, be who God has created you to be and love yourself as He loves you!


Lady Blue

Oh Lady, my Lady Blue

I only wish I knew

What I’m supposed to do

My Lady, what about you


I see in your eyes

You have heard my cries

Your veins cold as ice

And my weakness you despise


Although you are a fantasy

When you look back at me

I’m wishing that I could be

As cold as you Blue Lady


But I know in this mess

It’s my heart God will bless

And I never have to guess

If He thinks of me less


So just forget Lady Blue

That I even asked you

‘Cause I know what to do

And Who loves me true!

Teresa Marie   8/11/11




Better To Be Hated

Better to be hated
for what you are
then be compensated
with being a star

Who is so loved
for what they’re not
the self they’ve gloved
is all but forgot

For when you shine
as a light untrue
all heaven Divine
knows you do

They can always see
the soul down deep
inside you and me
that eternity will keep

So you must remember
all those stories you tell
January through December
 will mean heaven or hell.

Teresa Marie  8/9/11

First Rate Version

We each have a beauty
unique and our own
it would be a tragedy
to become another’s clone

Be the first-rate version
of who you are today
not a second-rate version
of someone else along the way

You should always know
to cherish the real you
that God has created so
you’d brighten this world too

He loves who you are
and designed you to be
a bright and shining star
in heaven eternally.

Teresa Marie   8/2/11