When Any Love Is True (Revisited)

Being A Friend

In life we want
to have plenty friends

But if we do
it really all depends

For to deserve them
we must then be

A friend to them
first, don’t you see?

If you only want
them there for you

Yet the very same
you don’t wanna do

Then a true friendship
neither of you’ve got

And to be your friend
I certainly would not!

Teresa Marie  10/17/11

So Lonely

I’m so lonely Baby
think I’m going crazy

How I’m missing you
but nothing can do

While you are away
my mind does stray

I’m left to think of
the depth of the love

That to only me
you’ve given so selflessly

Since we first met
the more I get

Lonesome for you dear
and it becomes clear

What you mean to me
for you are my destiny!

For Mark, how I love you!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11

The Death of Selfishness

We must die to selfishness in order to experience true happiness.  – Eyob Kassa

It’s selfishness that must die
On this you can rely

Before we can ever win
and true happiness to begin

Because the denial of me
Is all that we must see

As the number one goal
Before we can ever be whole

And then happiness is complete
When our selfishness we defeat!

Teresa Marie   4/12/11

When Any Love is True

“True love does everything for the benefit of the one who is loved.”  – Harold J. Chadwick

When any love is true
it influences all you do.

And everything that you see
changes that “only for me”,

Into there being “the one”
who’s everything under the sun,

And makes your heart beat
faster each time you meet.

When it’s all that you can
think of since it began,

To only meet their needs
with tiny but loving deeds.

When it becomes full blown
and you see how it’s grown,

Then you know your love’s true
’cause they matter more than you!

Teresa Marie   4/12/11