picture it & write # 38; The Fog

The burning sun crept over the horizon. The heavy silence hushed my trembling whimpers. The tendrils of the unwavering fog caressed the bridge. My shivering hands grasped the rails and peered over, it was a kilometre drop at the very least. I pulled back and pushed away the stubborn tears that leaked from my eyes. I watched as my father trudged into the fog. If only I hadn’t been so rash… he wouldn’t of taken the fall for my actions. “Please come back,” I begged. It was the last time I ever saw him. The fog never returned its victims.

 Ermisenda Alvarez

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Picture It & Write #30; It Stormed

-By Bob DeHoff

She gripped onto her flimsy cardigan which billowed violently due to the temperamental winds. She stared out. The ship left a milky white trail as if a snail. There was nothing in sight. The bruise of clouds that discoloured the skies growled. Soon there would be rain, she shut her eyes. Her fingers hesitantly touched her abdomen. The baby was lost. It was now a lost fragment of who she had been. An insignificant ripple in the tumultuous ocean of her past.

 Ermisenda Alvarez


Silence of Shame

Crooked Path

I won’t be posting today due to illness.  Hopefully will be back tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with one I wrote yesterday:

World Undone


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Where Did I Go? – Part Six

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Susan put her hands up to cover her face while shaking her head back and forth.  She was mortified, humiliated and utterly broken by having to admit to her boss that she was not the all together person that she played up to be.

Just having to deal with him knowing the truth was almost enough to push Susan over the edge.

Jim put his hand on her shoulder saying, “Come on, let’s go in the conference room so nobody sees you crying or the whole office will know something is up and the rumor mill will be buzzing by noon!”

With that, Susan allowed Jim to gently guide her into a room further up the hall.  When she sat down, barely able to get herself under control, she stammered out, “Y-you p-p-rob-bably just l-l-lost all r-res-respect for m-m-m-e didn’t you?”

The shock immediately showed on his face.  “Are you kidding?!  Susan, let me tell you something, maybe it will help.  You know already that I have the utmost respect for you.  Your job should be done by two people, not just one, and yet you do all by yourself.  You work with efficiency, clear more paperwork in one day than anyone I have ever seen before, making very few if any errors, even amid a multitude of interruptions throughout the day and, what’s truly amazing, you do it all without complaining.  You handle people with respect, kindness and always smile at everyone.  There is not one person that has ever come to me to complain about your attitude nor performance.  Your job alone is an enormous amount of stress. 

“I also know that Jason is not working right now and you are the sole supporter of your family.  Being fully aware of what your hourly pay is, I am quite certain that is a huge struggle as well.

“Then two weeks ago you come to me with that request to alter you working hours and have to confess the reason why it needs to be done.  It had to have been hard to admit that you were in trouble for writing some checks that bounced and then you couldn’t cover them, had to go to court and were ordered to do community service.  I thought it was admireable that you were going to do it at a homeless shelter.  It seemed fitting to me that you would choose something that was a service to others.  That is why I so quickly agreed to do that.

“So, stress of the job alone is enough to deal with but then you were working from 7 pm to 7 am at the shelter before coming in here at 8 am to do your job.  How much sleep each night did you get in the last three days?”

“Maybe four hours,” Susan replied.

“Okay then, for the last three days you have worked 19 – 20 hours daily which was a monumental task in itself and now I find out that you were doing all of that with the additional stress and pressure of living with an abusive husband!  Are you kidding me?  I now have more respect and admiration for you than ever before!”

At that, Susan buried her face in her hands again as she burst out with more deep sobbing.  A flood of emotions washed over her; embarrassment, relief, shame, guilt, pride, pain and also anger.  As she cried, Jim patted her shoulder gently.  She had always thought he seemed like a sweet guy, 10 years her junior, and today he confirmed it was true.

What he had said to her, which she knew was the truth and not something just thrown out to pacify her, began to make her feel better than she had in a very long time.

As her sobbing started to subside, Jim began to talk once more.  “Okay, I won’t call the police this time but if you ever walk in here looking like that again, I won’t hesitate to do it for one second.  So you hear me?”

Susan removed her hands from her face and nodded afirmatively.

“Now, as for that bastard, what are you going to do?  As just another person, not your boss, I am afraid for you being there with him.  You know that you have to get away from him don’t you?”…

Teresa Marie 1/25/12 ©

Jesus; A-Z Alphabet Challenge; J-Archives

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for Jesus

Savior I love


all other

names is above


from heaven

unto earth came


remove our

sin and shame!

Teresa Marie  1/14/12 ©



Blaming Our Generation








It seems that everybody
is blaming our generation

Yet I don’t understand
and need some clarification

So let’s all give it
a little closer inspection

‘Cause I must ask
of you a question

Before you go push 
us  over the brink

Have you ever stopped
for a minute to think

Who was it that
raised us this way

And who has taught us
as we grew each day?

Before you go off
trying us to shame

Don’t you think we both
must share in the blame?

Teresa Marie  10/12/11


The Ultimate Sacrifice – Part IV

So now begins the “punishment”.  It grieves my spirit and soul already with what happened before this point but here is where it gets 10x worse.  I’ve been beaten up before and it is no picnic, but this scourging stuff is beyond my wildest imagination.  I can’t conceive what it takes to whip a person like that either.  You would have to be a sadistic personality I’d think, wouldn’t you?  But what they did to Jesus is more than sadistic, it’s Satanic!!  And this is the part that just blows me away, He, God‘s Son, stood there allowing it to happen to Himself!

What kind of love is that!  The enormity of His passion/compassion for the human race is so very, very humbling to me.  Why, dear Lord, are we not more grateful to You?  It shames me on our behalf.  And what deepens that shame is the way this “modern society” is cutting the LORD our God out of everything of which we used to hold fast to, but don’t let me get started on that right now.  It suffices to say that I am greatly ashamed of us Christians for allowing it to happen!  After He did all of this for us, how can we turn our backs on Him?

On His human side, what courage, what strength of character, what great love, what devotion, what loyalty He displayed by His actions!  They beat Him to death, basically.  I do not for a minute believe that, had He not been God, He would have survived it.  He would have bled to death right then and there.  He was whipped with a cat-o-nine-tails!  Have you ever seen one up close?  I have on one of Mark’s miliary shows.  No wonder His entrails were hanging out.  He was beaten beyond recognition!  Does that not affect you as deeply as it does me?  I CAN NOT CONCEIVE IT!  I mean literally they beat Him to death, ripping His flesh open on both sides of His body!  He’s God and He let them!  I don’t know how to convey what I feel when I say this to you – I am cringing to the point of pain right now and trembling.  The ENORMOUS sacrifice it was and all done for you and I.  My spirit is shrinking back in horror from the thought of it.

Do you remember the horror, pain and devastation you felt when you saw the twin towers falling on 9/11?  Multiply that by a thousand times and maybe you’d be close to seeing how it makes me feel.  Knowing the way that I have sinned against Him in my past and the forgiveness that I have received for it was all made possible by this great act of love by our Savior is beyond humbling.  I don’t have the words, I don’t think there is a word that I could use to describe it.

And then that was not enough for them!  How could it not be?  I just don’t understand that kind of evil hatred of another.  But they wanted more, demanded it!  What do they call that, blood lust or blood thirsty or some such thing?  I have tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms.  It is so beyond my comprehension that I can’t tell you.  You may not understand this but I’m going to have to stop here for today because I just can’t continue, I am so grieved by it.  I will try to continue with this tomorrow.

Dear Father, thank You.  Dear Jesus, I’m sorry.  Dear Holy Spirit, soothe me.  Angels in heaven, again today I weep with you.

I pray that the Spirit will open your eyes of understanding as He has mine,
Teresa Marie