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My Own Personal Love Letter Request/Campaign

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First of all, just let me say, Abi, I hope that you don’t get upset with me for doing this but I am so worried about you that I will risk you being mad at me for the benefit that I believe this will be for you.


Many of you already know my relationship with a fellow blogger of ours that is more than just a passing one, she is my “adopted” daughter and I love her dearly, Abi at chicpress.

She has been through a lot in her short years on earth and has yet again suffered a loss in her life.

Even I don’t know all of the details of what has happened as of this day, I do know by the poems she has written that she is drowning in her suffering and I am desperate to help her feel that she has value and worth in this world over and above what this one particular person held for her.  God, help me make sense in how I am saying this.

I don’t feel it is my right to discuss her personal life, those of you who are familiar with her, as I know that many of you are, already have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about.  Please help me surround her with our love and thoughts today!  I so want to help ease her pain, will you help me?

Please stop by and visit her at:

I love you, Abi, and please forgive me if I’ve overstepped my bounds!!!

Huge hugs and kisses,