Rainbows to Chase; Flash Fiction Week 28



Bluebell Books Twitter Club Short Story Slam Week 25

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Short Story Slam Week 24; Memory Lane


Short Story Slam Week 23; Watching Clouds

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In Solitude – Short Story Slam Week 19

It is in solitude
I come here to pray

“Lord, give me the fortitude
to hold on another day!”

From Him I beg for
the strength to carry on

When the one I did adore
from my life is gone

Everything to him I gave
but he ‘s left me behind

And now only God can save
what is left of my mind

When it’s our love we give
and they throw it away

 Often lost is will to live
steeped in the pain of they

“So, dear Lord, give it back
that I might clearly see

‘Twas not because of my lack
that they have now left me

Give me one who loves me more
with passion’s fire like the sun

On the road ahead before
my life is said and done!”

Teresa Marie  1/18/12 ©

For all of my suffering friends,
you know who you are,
and I love you each and every one! 


Rainy Days – Short Story Slam Week 18

Image Credit: http://chance-of-sunshine.blogspot.com/2011/09/umbrella-season.html

On those umbrella rainy days

my good mood with me stays

If I just close my eyes

and there a fantasy I devise

When my umbrella sprouts some wings

 as I fly above all things

Up there in the sky floating

while the ground rain is soaking

I drop flowers from the air

a little sunshine just to share

And up there all the while

on my face a great big smile!

Teresa Marie  1/4/12 ©




Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, rain, go away
I wanna enjoy my day

It has rained for so long
feel like a duck quacking along

I’m ready for the sun’s glow
and the beauty of a rainbow

It has been so very dreary
my sinus’ run, eyes are bleary

Wish the rain turned to snow
watching it glisten from sun’s glow

My mood is like the rain
that pours down on my windowpane

Why downcast oh my soul?
Should be happy on a whole

Since the pattering does go on
my good spirits haven’t all gone

So rain, rain go away
won’t let you ruin another day!

Teresa Marie  12/10/11





Quacking Through The Rain

I was outside today
standing underneath my umbrella

And saw the cutest sight
well just let me tell ya’

I crossed a mama duck
there quacking through the rain

And in tow behind her
was a little duckling train

A row of miniature versions
giving out their mini quacks

As all through the air
my laughter peals and cracks

Wish I’d had a camera
for a picture of that mother

But in my mind’s eye
I’ve already snapped the shutter!

Teresa Marie  12/7/11





My Rubber Duck

My rubber duck
can only squeak
how I wish
he could speak

In my bath
does my duck
on bubbles float
until he’s stuck

And I will
then push him
around the bubbles
making him swim

At bath time
he seems real
as with laughter
I do peal

But the time
that I’m done
he’s once again
a rubber one!

Teresa Marie  11/9/11





My Flesh and Blood


Oh you darling little baby
flesh and blood of mine

How very much do I
love your innocence divine

I promise that I will
always protect and cherish you

And give you my love
for your whole life through

I promise I will never
at you yell and scream

Because my darling little child
you are my fondest dream

And I will not ever
in life your innocence use

To manipulate or control you
or raise a hand to abuse


When you’re all grown up
there’ll come a wedding day

As you hold my arm
before I give you away

I’ll tell you once again
that precious you’ll always be

He better feel the same
or be answering to me!

Teresa Marie  10/12/11

Short Story Slam Week 12 Submission #2