My Soul Refine

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Alluring Temptations

Chronicles – Free Write Friday; A Book Titled You


You have just died!
You come to find yourself
standing at a bookshelf
when you notice that there
is a book that has your
name on it. What do you do?
What do you fear?
Do you open it?
What does it say?



This book holds the chronicles 
of your life on earth

 Each day that you spent
and if you gave it worth

An accounting you will find
 marking off your every sin

A line by line list
of what you’ve done therein

But it does also hold
every person you did bless

A tally of your giving
and all your fruitfulness

And if there is balance
that by God is found

Then His grace to you
will more than just abound

As you are then forgiven
for the great and small

Errors that you have made
and times you did fall

For if you did more good
than what you’ve done bad

The reward will be great
in heaven to be had

Go ahead and open it
to see what is said

About where you will go
now that you are dead 

 Teresa Marie  1/27/12 ©

Free Write Friday; A Book Titled You

by Kellie Elmore

Peccadilloes – A-Z Challenge; P-Archives

Yes, I
have a few 

are kept
out of view

are seen
that’s very true

accepted them
how about you?

Teresa Marie  1/22/12 ©

Stranger; 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge – Letter 6


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Time now for the stranger
the one unknown to me

In the eyes of God
brother or sister you be

And even though you are
living your own reality

 Know that it’s the heart
 of us God does see 


The heavenly Father above
knows both great and small

And His loving grace does
upon each of us fall

When God forgives our sins
He wipes from memory all

So when you’ve accepted Him
just remember to stand tall!


Teresa Marie  1/21/12 ©


Grace; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: G-Archives


for grace

given by You


for the

sins we do

Teresa Marie  1/13/12 © 



Can’t Buy My Love

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My love you can not buy 
as means of fear to quell

‘Cause the tears I cry
 a wealth of pain do tell

There’s nothing you can try
to dam a bursting well

When it’s all been a lie
in the world you dwell

If inch by inch to die
in a life of living hell

Would my own soul deny
for the evil it’d spell

This I will not do
in any shape or way

No matter what bribe you
offer as means of pay 

 For what was never true
is no longer shaded gray

When threats did once ensue
your sins to never betray

There’s no excuse to use
for the nasty things you’d say 

Payment for which comes due
upon your soul one day!

 Teresa Marie  1/9/12 ©



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All the things I have seen                                        

All the places I have been                                       

All the things that came between                         

All the times my slate wiped clean                       

All the things I didn’t mean                                      

All the times on You I lean                                       

All my mistakes since a teen

All the drugs from which to ween

All the days with hands unclean

All the sins I left unseen

All the seedy place I shouldn’t have been

 Since my life did once begin

 With my childhood left therein

Coins in my cup of tin

 As You took away my sin

Where would I ever try to begin

That peace be found there within

Attempts for recognition among the din

A life of freedom there to win 

Stacked a mile on head of a pin

My soul contains them there in

Those things that led me into sin

Made excuses for it all

Every time I dropped the ball

The many times to me You’d call

When to answer I would stall

Then You weren’t my all-in-all

What I did must You appall

That I did have such a gall

With my back against the wall

Never on my knees would crawl

Until I took a massive fall

And made to You my final call!

Teresa Marie  12/18/11 ©

Hello, God? It’s Just Me

Hello, God?  It’s just me
who’s calling out Your name
’cause Your most precious Son
said it’s mine to claim

I need help, You see,
and He said You would
no matter what I’ve done
whether it’s bad or good

Hello, God?  Will You be
as loving as He said?
If I truly do repent
will those sins I shed?

I pray, God, to Thee
for the beauty of Your grace
to come down from heaven
and fill my empty space

Hello, God?  It’s just me
saying that I love You
in case You are listening
’cause Jesus said You do

And more than can be
it’s important that You know
the love to me given
to the world I’ll show!

Teresa Marie  8/9/11


There is coming a predator
to knock upon your door
and say, “Let me in!”,
that he may then begin
to work his evil ways
while your innocence he betrays.

But please don’t open it,
this you can’t ever forget
his motive is to use
because he wants to abuse
and take advantage of you
if you’ll allow him to.

But you must always know
to beware wherever you go
of the predator who’s waiting
his hook he’s constantly baiting
wanting to reel you in
and devour you from within.

He preys upon the weak,
the innocent he does seek
to convince of his lies
because you he does despise
for being an easy victim
who opened up for him.

As if you gave your consent
to a desire that’s hell-bent
on the destruction of you
and all you hold dear too
though you’ve done him no harm
he’ll use his wiles and charm,

To get everything that he desires
to quench all the internal fires
that burn and drive him mad
but this is what’s so sad
’cause they will never go away
as long as he does betray,

The innocent souls out there
without a thought or a care
of the evil he has done
when damnation is what he’s won
where he’ll forever have to burn
when God does his soul spurn,

To pay for his wicked ways
for the rest of his days
there in the pit of hell
does he eternally have to dwell
as in accordance with his sins
then he’ll see who truly wins.

Teresa Marie   3/28/11