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My Judge (Revisited)

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Pull the plug

by frizztext

The Least

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I believe that ugly
is a bad word

And should be one
that is never heard

When beauty’s in the
eye of the beholder

And given to each
by the pottery Molder

Who are we to
ever judge someone

According to the work
that He has done?

For the beauty that
the world does see

Is not the definition
of what’s in me

When of being ugly
you have been accused

It is a form
of being abused

And who is society
the standard to set

On the gage of 
beauty to be met?

If you can’t see
how unique and rare

That God made me
then I don’t care!

Teresa Marie  1/1/12 ©

For all of those “unattractive” people out there,
“you are so beautiful to me!”



Just How It’s Supposed To Be?

I stuck my tongue out to catch the falling snowflakes. They fell upon my shoulders like dandruff but none landed on my tongue. An incoherent babble grew louder to my left. My attention shifted. An old, scraggly man hidden beneath an overgrown beard was “singing” for money. Living in the city desensitized people from the sights of the homeless. I stopped in mid-stride. He looked so pitiful and guilt constricted my heart. I couldn’t walk away, not this time. I scouted my pockets for a couple of coins and found five dollars. I left it in his hat and he grinned revealing all four of his teeth. My fingers caressed my pregnant stomach as I walked away. Maybe I hadn’t saved the man but with each act of kindness I could strive for a better world for my unborn child.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And isn’t that just
how it’s supposed to be?
But way too many
the homeless don’t see

As being one of
the downtrodden and poor
and rather as those
who don’t try anymore

For our society does
no longer even care
“it’s their own fault”
does the public declare

Where is the compassion
that God does command?
“Look out for yourself”
of them we demand

To all those with
no change to spare
all I can say
is you’d better beware

‘Cause in this world
we’re living in today
you may be the next
to have it all taken away!

Teresa Marie  11/26/11

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Fishy, Fishy

Anja tapped her pen against the desk impatiently. Only one hour had passed since she had started work. The expansive office was too cold for her liking, the dumbstruck fish in the aquarium continued to ogle at her and her useless colleague was always asking for help. A fish in the aquarium caught her eye, it was not moving but instead staring, or appeared to do so. Was this the height of her career, staring at a fish? Those big, ambitious and naive plans of the 20-something year old she used to be had been punctured long ago, the remnants leaking disappointment. Pathetically, she could see herself in that dumbstruck fish. She blinked and lost sight of the fish that had first caught her eye, they all looked the same and she could not distinguish one from the other. Desperately she searched, her eyes burned with tears, had she too been swept away as a nobody?

– Ermisenda Alvarez 

Oh fishy, fishy
what could it be
that you see
when looking at me?

Does it occur
that we’re a blur
am I obscure
or are you unsure?

Oh fishy, fishy
wish I could be
a little fishy
out in the sea

I’d swim away
in light of day
from this decay
of our society today

Oh fishy, fishy
just to be free
would probably be
your wish same as me!

Teresa Marie  10/30/11


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