Finely Spun

Someone You Don’t Talk to as Much as You’d Like to – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 10

I have but one

solitary son

Unlike my daughters two

don’t talk enough to


Neither I must say

do either of they

Much from him hear

but why remains unclear


I know he doesn’t mean

that it should be seen

As a purposeful slight

we’ve not had a fight


Rather he is busy

and it makes me dizzy

Just to try keeping track

when interests he doesn’t lack


And does have his own

son who is his clone

In a pod two peas

of their varying degrees


While always on the go

it doesn’t seem to show

That it occurs to him

he only calls on whim


Or he’s in need of something

where mom can be a blessing

And more times than not

my voice-mail is forgot


 Yet, not done with disrespect

as now you might suspect

But rather just the way

of his youth today


And the time will come

as sooner does for some

This error he will correct

when seeing his neglect


More at-tentative he will be

in keeping in touch with me

And so I do refrain

from about it to complain


 Teresa Marie  1/28/12 ©