My Heart & Soul

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Darling you alone possess
my heart and soul 

Here in this world
you make me whole

Before you came was
I mired in defeat

But now with you
I am made complete

The truest blessing of
all God did give

To me on earth
renewed chance to live

A life with love
that’s ever much more

Than anything I could
have asked Him for 

How I thank God
in heaven for you

For darling don’t know
what I would do

Had the Lord not
given you to me

As His greatest gift
in my life to see!

I love you Mark!

Teresa Marie  12/26/11 © 


Within The Depths Of Me


You hold my heart in
the palm of your hand

I know that this
you do not understand

But giving all  there is
within the depths of me

Know I’ll follow you
from here to eternity

You colored my life
in rainbowed hues

More alive and vibrant
as it ensues

When I awake with
the break of morn

Vestige of your kisses
do my face adorn

The vows I said
on our wedding day

Are ever so true
unto this very day


Should you go on
to heaven before me

Then my empty arms
would ache for thee

Let me count the ways
that I love you

For there must be
about a million or two!

Teresa Marie  12/9/11

I love you Mark!


Who Are You?

Who are you
husband or friend?
Does it matter
in the end?

Are you spouse
or soul mate?
Either way’s fine
I won’t debate

Who do I
tell secrets to?
Well my dear
it’s only you

Who holds me
when I cry?
Who knows when
I don’t try?

Who’s the one
that sees me
for what I am
and can be?

Who loves me
just the way
that I am
on any day?

I can make
no good excuse
for my past
there’s no use

But the present’s
yours and mine
may our lives
be forever entwined

I love you Mark
’til death does part
what no man could
right from the start!

Teresa Marie  11/18/11

Gaga Over You

I am gaga over you
let me tell you true
don’t know what I’d do
if I was without you

You are my hunny bunny
and will forever will be
It is not even funny
how important you’re to me

I am gaga over you
love you through and through
baby I would be blue
if I were without you

Teresa Marie  11/14/11

The Best Surprise

You’re the best surprise
that could ever be

When God has given
a blessing unto me

How I do love you
you are the very best

You’ve always come through
each and every test

That life has thrown
at us both together

I should have known
how them you’d weather

With flying colors too
you’ve stood by me

And I’ll love you
for all eternity!

For my loving husband Mark! 
My soul mate, best friend and the love of my life.

Teresa Marie  10/9/11