A Few Points of Interest To Share

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(*1)  SPAM FOLDER:  Those of you who are regular visitors already know this and those of you who are new will find out in good time, I try extremely hard to make sure I respond to every comment that I receive (whether on my own blog or a reply from yours that requires a response back).  

I have just found out within the last week or so that a lot of items have been inadvertently put in my spam folder here and on my e-mail account.  I discovered this purely by accident and have no idea how long it has been going on.

Quite a while back, I started receiving an inordinate amount of spam in both places.  After many days and much wasted time going through them all, I decided to regularly delete large quantities spam received in a day without viewing them.  

Therefore, if you have left a comment or replied to a comment that I made on your blog and asked me a question back or something and I did not respond to you, my deepest apologies!!  IT WAS NEVER INTENTIONAL ON MY PART!

  I love the new button thingy WordPress installed on our toolbar so we can respond on the fly but it only holds 9 items at a time and I’m finding that is not nearly enough if I haven’t been on the internet for a few hours 😦  So I am now pretty certain that there are people who have been neglected.  More than likely would be some of you newer followers because your comments must be approved at least once before they will automatically post here without administration.

***  Already had to come back and edit this post:  Just checked my spam folder on my e-mail acc. and found things (posts, comments, replies) from my regular, long-time subscribers in there!!  Don’t know what happened but I am more sure than ever some people have not heard back from me!!!!  SORRY!


(*2) UPDATE ON DAD:  I received an e-mail yesterday from mom and today talked to her and dad both:  He is sleeping well; eating large portions at mealtimes; has gained 7 lbs. which puts him up to 144 total; he played 2 games of bid Euchre yesterday (which for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a complex card game with trump, high or low, etc.) and mom said he did very well; he worked almost the whole morning crossword puzzle and began reading again!!!!  Hallelujah and praise God!!!

His next doctor appt. is on May 11th and we are hoping he will be able to come back home at that time.  He sounded good and in great spirits today on the phone.  THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!


(*3) UPDATE ON PENNY:  Due to several problems Penny was having at the extended care facility in town; the doctors in Indy released her to go home as long as her son was staying with her full-time, a visiting nurse and physical therapist each could be arranged.  That was accomplished on Friday one week ago and she is doing great!!!!!  

It will be a long haul due to the sepsis and everything else but her mood and depression have improved tremendously since she’s been home.

Penny, her family and I all want to say; THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless and keep you in His care,


Payment Declined Scam Via My Brother

I just wanted to share this with my circle of friends and visitors.  As my brother said when he forwarded this to me, we are all aware of not opening random e-mails but the shopping season is upon us and as a precaution be extra vigilant!  🙂


We had this message sent to us from our work security officer.  Just thought I would pass it along as a good reminder to be cautious this holiday season.


Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2011 12:11 PM
To: All North America Employees
Subject: Payment Declined Scam
Please be on the lookout for email messages with the title “Direct Deposit Payment Declined” or some variant thereof.
Given that this is the beginning of the shopping season, the scammers are hoping that the panic factor will push you to click on the hyperlink that is included in these messages.
Clicking on the link will only result in bad things happening!
Thank you for your care and attention in this matter.


Remember, there is nothing that requires you to open every email that you receive, especially those from unknown senders.



Information Security Officer


Spam, Spam and More Spam

Do you ever feel like this when you look at the number in your spam folder?

I am beginning to feel more and more like this cat every day!  I don’t know how or why but recently my spam folders on my e-mail and this blog have exploded.  Every time I turn around it is filling up again!  Especially here and I just don’t get it.  Where doe this stuff come from and how is it getting to me?  Can anyone explain it to me?  I am beginning to really get frustrated with the whole mess!

Let me give you an example:  This morning when I first got on here to do my posts there were 127 comments in my spam folder.  I know by the wording that they are computer generated.  I’ve learned that much so far.  So I deleted them.  I did one post and see that there are now 38 more there!  It wasn’t even an hour later.  They are, of course, more of the same.

Now how does that happen?  I mean, why me?  Does everybody get this much or did I do something to cause this irritation to start with?  Did I get linked into somewhere that this crap comes from?  Heeelllppp!

If any of you know what I can do to fix this problem, please tell me ’cause they’re driving me nuts!  I don’t know if it matters whether or not I just let them build up but I don’t want it to bog down my blog’s response time because of spam

Lord give me strength and serenity!

With total frustration,
Teresa Marie