Where Do We Go?

image source: wallpaper-s.org

Where do we go
when our illusions die?

Who wipes the tears
away that we cry?

Who will hold us
when we sigh?

 Where do we go 
when escape we try?

How do we grow
the wings to fly?

 Who will keep us
all safe and dry?

Will they know
when we lie?

Who will the truth
then from us pry?

How do we know
on whom to rely?

What do we know
of angels on high?

How can we tell
that they draw nigh?

If there are times
from God we do shy

Do you ever suppose 
 it makes them cry?

 What does life mean
can you tell me why

We live for a moment
and then we die?

Teresa Marie  12/30/11  ©

For my anonymous friend,
the questions have answers
I promise you! 

Angels Beside You

Angels are beside you
wherever you may go

Always there protecting you
this you should know

In everything you do
angels are your shadow

For your life through
after you they follow

Trying to guide you
though it mightn’t show

If closing listening you
may in wisdom grow

Even glimpse them too
by their angelic glow

What I’m telling you
this I do know

There are angels beside you
everywhere you may go!

Teresa Marie  10/6/11

The Angels For Us Pray

On our final Judgement Day
for us will angels pray

That God show us grace
and our sins He erase

With the covering of the Son
in all that He had done

Taking power over the grave
that mankind He would save

What to me He afford
when He became my Lord

So pray, dear angels, pray
that God to me display

The full compassion of His Son
when my judgement day has come!

Teresa Marie   8/9/11

The Message

The angels had a message
for the world to hear
but no one with their passage
would listen as they near

What they had to say
had been welcomed by none
 they went on their way
just wanting to have fun

They accepted not a word
as they angels cried aloud
then a single person heard
in there among the crowd

He was struck with awe
when the angels did appear
 wondered why no one saw
what to him was so clear

The three angels took heart
for they only needed one
who would the message start
of the coming of God‘s Son!

Teresa Marie   7/31/11