Moonbeams of Light

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All contained there within
the moonbeams of light

My hopes and dreams
took up their flight

Out into the galaxies
flung wide and far

The wishes I made
there on a star

Like tiny little specks
of pixie dust fine

Are hopes and prayers
sent to the Divine

For use of magic
there is no need

When you follow after
the One Who does lead

More grand than a wizard
our God of the universe

And  all of His angels 
who the moonbeams traverse!

Teresa Marie  12/9/11


Little Star – The Shawna Poem

“You are only one little star in an endless universe! Shine your heart out little star! Make yourself known!”  – Shawna

We are all but a little star
in a universe that is endless.
When you see us from afar
we are just a spot, I guess.

In the night so black and deep
there’s times that we are missed.
But with all the love we keep
then the darkness can be kissed,

When we shine our heart out
into that seemingly empty night,
then our whisper becomes a shout
and that star becomes a light,

That will be seen and known
by all who can see it there
and wonder at how it’s grown
with a little love and care!

For my daughter.  I love you Shawna, my little star!

Teresa Marie   4/12/11