Falling Fairy

Today I caught a fairy
falling from the sky
’cause I first thought
it was a butterfly

Yet when I looked
down in my hand
the vision that I saw
was hard to understand

And I said to her
“Fairy, please don’t die
for if you really do
I think I would cry!”

I didn’t believe in magic
and all that kinda thing
although one day I thought
I heard the angels sing

Then butterflies came in
and hovered all around
until that tiny fairy
began to make a sound

As she was stirring
she looked up at me
the fear on her face
I could plainly see

Then she jumped up
and quickly flew away
so I believe in fairies
what else can I say?

Teresa Marie  11/8/11

My Unicorn

The fable of the unicorn
favorite since I was born

I imagine he is there
for me to ride anywhere

He always come to me
when calling him to be

Like an ever faithful steed
he appears when I need

From reality in my escape
he nuzzles at my nape

I scratch around his horn
how I love my unicorn!

Teresa Marie  10/4/11