A Gathering Of Friends

We’re having a gathering

Of all our furry friends

And when we get together

The fun just never ends


We’ve got Flower here

And Bambi came too

Brought with him Thumper

Man they’re quite a crew


Donald Duck you see

Mad at Chip and Dale

When they begin teasing him

We all start to wail


Come on in and join us

Over here at Walt Disney

There’s always fun and laughs

In our world of fantasy!


Teresa Marie   9/13/11


Short Story Slam Week 10 entry

The Exclamation Point


The exclamation point
I have often used
there’s even times
it I have abused.

Whenever I want
my point to drive
home to another
I use it to arrive

At an understanding
between them and me
I use the exclamation
for them to see

I’ll stand behind
the point that I make
and no argument
from them will I take!

Teresa Marie   8/31/11

Short Story Slam Week 9 – 2nd entry


What?!  I can’t play?

What did you say?

This is fair?  No way!

What did I do today?


Why did you punish me?

No way should I be!

But I don’t even agree!

This ain’t fair, you see?!


It’s because I didn’t do

what you told me to?

It’s not fair of you!

Now I’m sad and blue!!


Guess I’m just gonna go

to my room and throw

a fit just so you know

’cause you won’t let me go!!


Teresa Marie   8/31/11

Short Story Slam Week 9

Rover, My Rover

Rover, my Rover
where can you be?

This isn’t clover
don’t you see?

The wheat’s too tall
for me to find

A puppy so  small
of any kind

Don’t you hear me
calling for you?

Where, my little puppy,
did you go to?

This isn’t funny 
you silly little rat

Shoulda got me a bunny
what ya think about that?

So there you are, Rover,
come right here to me

Or I’ll turn you over
for a nice little kitty!


Teresa Marie   8/17/11

Short Story Slam Week 8

What Was That?

Today as I was walking
through the wheat field
I heard a sweet sound
that to me appealed

When I turned around
looking just to see
where it came from
guess what startled me

Right behind me stood
 an angel so grand
strumming the golden harp 
held in her hand

What beautiful sweet music
that it was she play
made me want to hum
as I dance and sway

‘Twas a glorious time
that we had there
in her angelic sounds
I was allowed to share

When the time came
to say our good-byes
I didn’t want to leave
which made me realize

If this is something like
what heaven must be
I want to go there
for my eternity!

Teresa Marie   8/17/11

Short Story Slam Week 8

In My Imagination

In my imagination I’ve run
with horses down the beach
and learned from an owl
all that he could teach

In the jungle I’ve swung
with monkeys through the trees
to the music I’ve danced
with some bumblebees

I have read a story
to a baby koala bear
and even did my bananas
with a orangutan share

I went on a safari
without needing any gun
’cause in my mind
it was just for fun

I climbed up a palm tree
to get me a coconut
and in the sand I built
a little palm hut

For in my imagination
I can do anything
and it makes me happy
as I play and sing!

Terri 08/05/11