Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario – Dear God, What Now? – Part 5

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Reggie immediately felt more than she actually heard the amount of $1000, so she counted out 10 of the $100 bills and handed them to Suzette’s mother who was staring at her with tears streaming down her cheeks.  Caroline jumped to her feet and began hugging Regina and thanking her profusely!

Then she could have sworn she heard a whisper in her ear saying, “Well done!”

Not wanting to be praised for something that she had nothing to do with and unable to talk in German with them to explain it, Regina began walking back to her hostel.  Even though she was floating on cloud nine from the adrenaline rush of it all, Reggie was extremely exhausted at the same time.

Absently she wondered why there were so many people out and about on the streets, then she realized it was a Saturday.  She had lost track of what day it was   Then her thoughts quickly turned back to the current little journey she was on here on the European Continent.  Reggie marveled at the way that God had orchestrated everything so perfectly, but then again why not believe it?  After all, God is perfection, is He not?  Therefore His plans are as perfect as He is, ’cause they’re His….

 She had not realized that she was carrying on this conversation with herself out loud until a lovely middle-aged woman walked up to her and began speaking, “He said I’d know who you were when I saw a brunette woman mumbling as she walked. so I just stood here and waited a few minutes and, sure enough, like always, you came strolling into view…”

“Excuse me for interrupting you but who told you I would be mumbling?” Reggie inquired of the lady with a most perplexed look on her face.  “And how did you know i spoke English?  Are you American?”

“I’m sorry, here I go rushing in again!!  Where are my manners, Father?!” she said matter of factly as she glanced towards the heavens.  “Allow me first to introduce myself, I am Monique; I’m from a very small town outside of Paris, France; no, I am not American but I studied at College there for 4 years and learn my English then; and, lastly, I was talking about God!  He told me that you would be mumbling.”

“God?!  Pardon me, please, but I thought you said God?” Reggie managed to stutter out, although her face was quite pale and she looked on the verge of passing out.

A wide smile spread across Monique’s beautiful face and she slung her arm through Reggie’s, like they were old friends or related.  “Shall we go over here to sit for a minute while we talk?”

“Sure.” she squeaked .

Once they were seated, Monique began in, “I was praying this morning and God started a two-way conversation with me about this  little “mission” that you’re on,” at which point she giggled a little, which instantly irritated her.

“What’s so funny?!” Reggie asked her, biting each word off at the end..   To be continued

Teresa Marie 5/17/12 ©

#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

by kellieelmore

Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario – Dear God, What Now? – Part 2

Just as the waiter was setting her lager on the table, her cell phone began to ring.  Reggie thanked him and dug out the phone.  ”Unknown Number” it read.  Upon answering, she got the shock of her life!  A voice said, “Wonder what you’re supposed to do with that money, huh?”

“Oh my God, who is this?  How and what do you know about this wallet and money?!” Regina asked in total disbelief.

“Who this is isn’t the important part of this conversation that we are about to have!  You are just supposed to listen to what I tell you to do.  Were you not just asking God about His plans for you on this trip?!”

“How could you know that?  I’m NOT talking to God on a cell phone, this I know!”  Reggie was now sputtering her words.  The waiter arrived with her food and gave her an odd look that told her he had overheard what she had said.  With a weak smile, she thanked him.

The voice on the other end of the phone was chuckling at what she had said.  “If God wanted to call you on your cell phone, do you think that He couldn’t do it?  What kind of faith is that?!  He uses all different means to talk to us, whatever He feels you will accept.  Why not a phone call?”

“Are you telling me this is God?” she was flabbergasted at what was said.

“NO!  I didn’t claim to be Him, I just asked a question.  Now, listen to what I’m about to tell you and don’t get bogged down with the details.  It is not for you to question or try to figure out in that analytical mind of yours, you are only to act upon it!  Have you not heard of the term ‘stepping out in faith’?”

“Yes!  Of course I have or I would not be on this train in the first place!!  Go on and tell me what I’m doing here.”  Reggie’s voice was a little tense now.  “Really,” she thought silently, “what a stupid thing to ask me when I board a plane in America, fly to Italy, visit the Vatican, and then board a train all because I heard a voice tell me to!!”

“Alright then, here goes.  I’m on a journey of faith here too!  I was in prayer one day last week when I was told to fly to Germany and visit the concentration camps.  I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to do this but it was a very emotional and moving experience.  Then I was told to board the train that you are now on.  When I saw you embark, I was told that you were the next in line for this journey and my part was almost done.  I had been told to bring $5,000 in an old wallet and place it in your luggage compartment as soon as you were asleep.”

“Wow, this is really freaking me out!!  So you are American too?”

“Yes, I am.  But that immaterial, don’t get sidetracked!  Now you are supposed to take that money and get off at the next stop.  Check into a hostel and you will be given further directions from there.”

“By who?  The people at the hostel?  When?  When I arrive?”

“I don’t know any of that, I’m just telling you my part of this and that’s all I know!  I was told to go home and continue praying for the next step of my faith journey.” the voice was gentler now.  “Good luck and God bless you!” and with that the line was dead…   to be continued

Teresa Marie 5/14/12 ©

#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

by kellieelmore

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