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Gathers A Storm

Waterfalls of Life – Haiku

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Mired Down In Strife

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In the pain of life
when mired down with strife

The strength we may find
is not that of mind

But a Spiritual one rather
given us by the Father

If to Him we pray
“help me through this day”

He is ever faithful to
lend His strength to you

and faith in Him renew!

Teresa Marie  2/2/12 ©


Time, Time, Time

When time, time, time
just as everyone knows
without reason or rhyme
over the years goes

By the seconds and hours
as sand through the glass
that our life devours
before it does pass

On what it is spent
defines our value and worth
by God to us lent
while still here on earth

So let it be used
to bless one other life
and not to be abused
by heaping on more strife

That God then will say
well done faithful servant
you walked in the way
for which life was meant!

Teresa Marie  11/23/11

Set Your Sail

When sigh becomes sob

When cry becomes scream

When a single tear

Becomes a flowing stream

When nightmare takes over

Your fondest of dream

When time has come

In the middle of life

That overwhelmed you are

With pain and strife

Hold on I say

It will turn around

God has placed your

feet on solid ground

For it’s in Him

That you will prevail

When upon His course

You set your sail!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11

Love And Be Loved

A person can love
just about anything
but it truly doesn’t
 mean a darn thing

We all wanna be
 loved by someone
before this life is
 finished and done

If we are blessed
with this happening
then that really does
 have special meaning

But to love and
be loved is everthing
And causes such joy
the angels will sing

Is love not the
very reason for life
we share it with another
during happiness or strife?

Teresa Marie  10/11/11

With Our Little Disaster

We’re all a little damaged
with chinks in our armor

Some hide it really well
while some don’t even bother

Somehow or somewhere from life
we’re all torn up inside

And we carry it around
with many tears we’ve cried

Taking it out on others
then all along the way

When sorry begins  to be
something that we just say

For it has no meaning
deeply felt by us anymore

‘Cause we’re not the same
as we were once before

And then we will damage
someone else around us too

But we are too busy
to notice that we do

For our little disaster that
we do call our life

Is all we think of
as we bemoan the strife

Yet we are all forgetting
the One most important thing

That into our life does
some relief to us bring

When in that disaster we
in God put our trust

He will come to us
for He’s righteous and just!

 Teresa Marie  10/7/11