Sun and Moon

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The sun and the moon
had a fight one day

For moon and stars
wanted out to play

But the sun was trying
to keep them all away

“I’m not going down yet!”
to them the sun did say


“It is our turn now
for coming of the night!”

Moon to the sun replied
who kept on shining bright

“I really do not know
why you’re causing a fight

But I think it’s time
to tell the world goodnight!” 


As the birds chirped in
and gave a mournful cry

“The sun can’t go down
when we still wanna fly!”

And then the sun refused
to give up the sky

Which did the moon’s patience
more than a little try


A star began to whisper
quietly into the moon’s ear

As moon to sun said,
“Of this let me be clear

If you don’t go down
then I do greatly fear

All you little birdies will
have no food next year!”


The sun stopped his pushing
’cause the truth he knew

 That he had no choice
for go down he must do

And then everyone was happy
no more fighting would ensue

As sun told the moon
“A very goodnight to you!”

Teresa Marie  1/19/12  ©