The Perfect Flower

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The two children searched
over hill and dale

Even after the day
did into night sail

Little girl and boy
spent hour after hour

As did the countryside
all their time devour

Until the silvered moon
stood above on high

And with the stars
brightened up the sky

Determined not to quit
though hope began to sour

Before they had found
the most perfect flower

Hues of yellow and red
in their radiance done

For it truly was
their mother’s favorite one

So you can imagine
their shouts of delight

When a field of sunflowers
appeared before their sight

As they ran to cut
the most beautiful one

For their lovely mother
who was second to none!

Teresa Marie  12/13/11 ©





I passed a field of sunflowers
which made me think of you
and all of the many hours
we have spent together us two

When the garden you did plant
the wind had blown it apart
the corn lay at a slant
and I just about lost heart

But I straightened up each stalk
and asked God them to bless
as through the garden I walk
it was such a beautiful mess

I saw that wildflowers were there
in the middle that you’d sown
and done it with tender care
for me to have as my own

And then on the very end
tall and proud they stood
the wind their heads did bend
but those sunflowers looked so good

Sweet memories of you, my love,
that I’ll carry to my grave
and with the help of God above
many more of them I’ll save!

Teresa Marie  8/1/11