Rainy Days – Short Story Slam Week 18

Image Credit: http://chance-of-sunshine.blogspot.com/2011/09/umbrella-season.html

On those umbrella rainy days

my good mood with me stays

If I just close my eyes

and there a fantasy I devise

When my umbrella sprouts some wings

 as I fly above all things

Up there in the sky floating

while the ground rain is soaking

I drop flowers from the air

a little sunshine just to share

And up there all the while

on my face a great big smile!

Teresa Marie  1/4/12 ©




Sunshine – Friday’s Limerick

image source: dreamies.de

A gift for you of sunshine
given from me and mine
to brighten up your day
in each and every way
that it may be fine!

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 © 


Until They Bled

So many hot tears
have I now shed

Until my eyes became
swollen and quite red

I’ve rubbed them so
hard they have bled

To my heart seems
like you are dead


Only once before has
my heart been broken

To stem the flood
your name’s barely spoken

For in my heart
you weren’t a token

Forgive me if I’ve
in my pain misspoken


And I do not
mean to ever whine

But your love is
so precious and divine

No matter what comes
next down the line

You will forever be
my little “Sunshine”!

Teresa Marie  10/9/11