picture it & write prompt # 29; Spinning in Slow Motion


I was afraid to blink. I couldn’t miss a single detail and yet it was so hard to identify anything in the inky darkness. Where was she? Golden orbs reflected from the city lights but only served to remind me how far she had taken me. I moved forward with jolting steps, I didn’t know where I was stepping. A road lamp far in the distance flickered, a female figure was standing there. Suddenly injected with adrenaline, I leapt forward and raced toward her. The wind whipped at my face until I began to shed tears. Her knees were buckling beneath her, her arms had fallen limp. I knew the moment she hit the ground she would shatter into a million pieces. With little hope I ran, waiting for not only the moment she would collapse but also my own.

 Ermisenda Alvarez

__picture it & write

by Ermilia