Teach Our Sons and Daughters

*image sources: 1) my.opera.com; 2) unknown other than fellow blogger

Now more than ever each
parent needs to teach

Their son or daughter
whether mother or father

The right way to act
the meaning of tact

The way to treat each other
boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother

Society is falling apart
lost is the kindness art

Boys, girls, women and men meet
but fail with dignity them to treat

The other as a living soul
who deserves respect on a whole

At least until they’re busted
as one to not be trusted

I think the magic charm
is to teach “do no harm”

If we do, then just maybe
the way to treat a lady

Will not be totally lost
at such an expensive cost!

Teresa Marie 2/15/12 ©

The Child

image source: google.com/images

One day a huge ogre came
putting our all knights to shame
who laid on each other the blame
but in truth were all the same

Then there walked straight into
the middle of this hullabaloo
a tiny babe age of two
 who tapped his toe, asking “Shoe?”

The ogre looked down at her
as his wrath about to incur
but standing so petite and demure 
with an innocent face ever pure

His heart melted in an instant
as to scare her he was hesitant 
and now with his anger absent
a grin on his face was present

So ogre reached down instead
as away all the knights sped
he patted the darling girl’s head
“Let’s be friends!” he then said

So the moral of the story
is not all that you see
which may appear to be gory
is what it truly must be

For if with love you act
and you use a little tact 
I have found it’s proven fact
will change how others react!

Teresa Marie  1/9/12 ©