But I’m Still Here

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I wrote this for Sara almost a year ago. I ran across it today, revised it a little and now want to share it with you again!

What about God?

I like walking in the rain, because no one sees me crying. – Unknown

When I am sad
when I am blue

Walking in the rain’s
 what I like to do

If I get wet
I don’t even care

And it doesn’t matter
if at me people stare

‘Cause this I know
they can’t see me cry

I don’t have to answer
when they ask me why

I walk in the rain
so I can cry alone

And the pain I feel
I keep to my own.

Teresa Marie   8/26/11 – 6/22/12 ©

From another of Sara’s favorite quotes

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Wednesday’s Verse From Psalm 126

A Wednesday Thought From Faye Landrum

Picture It & Write 23; Adieu

His skin burned against mine, he was so warm. I gripped him tighter. We gasped in pleasure. Even after we had stopped moving together we couldn’t let each other go. I could feel his thumb caressing my back in a circular motion. I could feel soft wet kisses marking my neck. I was his. He was mine. I knew that we were already running late. I knew that I would have to detatch myself from his embrace at the airport. I knew we belonged to different, distant countries. But at this very moment, as we clung onto each other for dear life while sobs wracked our bodies, I couldn’t let go.

– Ermisenda Alvarez




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Bittersweet – Hay(na)ku

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With Rain Pouring (Haiku)

image source: my.opera.com

With rain pouring down
amid the tears of crying
fairies came to me

There without a sound
they set to my face drying
tender as can be

The shades there of brown
that had been my soul trying
all seemed to then flee

As rainbow hues found
now danced away my sighing
in their joy to see!

Teresa Marie  12/29/11 ©


My Years

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

I sit thinking
of all my years

The joy and pain
shared laughter and tears

The feelings of inadequacy
that spring from my fears

The future hopes and dreams
to which my mind steers

Praying angels walk beside me
when evil to me nears

And as I live on
a path before me clears

That I’ll be an inspiration
to my beloved “little dears”

When they sit thinking back
all through their own years!

Teresa Marie  12/14/11 ©