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picture it & write; Decisions

Which one should I choose? A couple dozen keys were littered out in front of me. The elderly woman with gnarled hands and a crooked nose spread them out. This couldn’t be real. Surely it was just hocus pocus. But, what if it wasn’t? The woman stared at me intently, waiting for my choice. “All I want is a new start,” I sighed. These keys wouldn’t help that journey. The woman responded in a hoarse voice, “What do you value most, young man?” Dreams, love, heart, memory, life, wealth, health… and countless more keys glistened. I wanted to grab them all. Which one should I choose?

 Ermisenda Alvarez

Fertile Ground

What He Stole – Chõka

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This week’s Picture It & Write – Fever of Golden Temptations


The coins glowed. They twinkled and sparkled upon the wooden table. Fifteen gold pieces. The coins amounted to more wealth than I could earn in fifteen years. Twelve hour-long work days. Seven days a week. Could I really be blamed for wanting my share of wealth? I was starving. There was no future. The Great Depression was like a concrete blanket upon us all, smothering sparks of life. I had to feed myself. I had to survive. My fingers finally scooped up the abundant golden blossoms. They fell into my pocket. Clink. Clink. They weighed like a kilo of filthy, worm-infested manure. I walked away from the rotting brothel, and her.

– Ermisenda Alvarez



__picture it & write

by Ermilia



Free Write Friday; Cash in a Box

You are cleaning out your attic when you find an old dusty box you’ve never noticed before. You open it to find stacks of hundred dollar bills and a note that says, “Here’s your cut, see you in Mexico”. There is no signature. Start writing whatever floods your mind at this thought and tell me a story…

Oh, Aunt Sadie
what have you done?

Is this the reason
that you had run?

What is it now
I’m supposed to do?

Who is it coming
to look for you?

What do I say
when they arrive?

Was there a story
you did contrive?

How could you ever
do this to me?

This money didn’t come
to you for free

And now I’m left
holding the bag

While into your mess
others you drag

Without a thought
but for yourself alone

Well guess what
I’m taking it for my own!

Teresa Marie 2/3/12 ©

The Black Widow

“They call me a black widow

But I really don’t know why

I have no web to spin

On this you can always rely

I’m not somewhere just waiting

For my latest of prey

I won’t take your life

In any shape or way

Come on in to look

And for own self see

‘Cause I am as innocent

As anyone could ever be

No need to be afraid

Get to know me first

Sit down and have a drink

And we’ll satisfy our thirst”

Now my children you must beware

A black widow waits for you

To steal your soul away is

All that she wants to do

Just don’t play with her

And run the other way

Before you can be caught

In her web to stay!

Teresa Marie  9/15/11

Siren Of The Sea

I am the siren
of all the sea

Standing on the rocks
you will find me

I beckon the sailors
as they sail by

With a haunting song
unto them I cry

“Look my brave men
see me on the shore,”

“Come in to me!”
to them do I implore

“I offer you pleasure
if you just come in,”

“Gaze upon my beauty
my love you may win”

And with my allure
to them do I insist

For the burning desire
they just can not resist

As they sail in
I give them a smile

For upon my rocks
their ship becomes a pile

Broken wood and dreams
as I gulp them all down

Because of sinful lust
in my sea they drown.

Teresa Marie  9/13/11


Give You The World

I’ll give you the world
right here in my hand
with all of its riches
in both sea and land

You need only to follow
and walk in my way
for it to be yours
right from this very day

I know you want it
what’s God given to you?
You live like a pauper
do you really want to?

You’ll have it now
just think of everything
that the whole world
will to you bring

You need only to
just say the word
and it is yours
soon as I’ve heard

Give me your soul
I’ll take in trade
it is a small price
for it to be paid!

Teresa Marie  8/25/11

I Am Temptation

I am temptation

Let me entice you

There is no wrong

In whatever you do

Life is for pleasure

To only feel good

Indulge yourself in it

I think you should

I won’t lead you

where you shouldn’t be

You will be safe

In my company

Have no concern for

What God has to say

Come follow me

He’s not there anyway

You can not resist

My lure and appeal

Don’t worry, I insist

Your soul I won’t steal.

Teresa Marie  8/16/11