Knight of Dreams

knight of dreams

Mission Accomplished!

First I want to thank you dear friends who commented on my last post and gave me such loving encouragement!!!!  God bless you all.

We had our Grand Opening of the shop today.  I changed the name, again.  I think it’s pretty cool, I called it Stallery, which stands for Sara and Terri Gallery.  So here is the link:

I am exhausted at the moment but I wanted to come on here real quick to share the good news with my friends.  If I don’t have the chance to do so at more length, I wish you all a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs,


Abandon Praise

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Along the shore I danced
and with great abandon praise

The Lord of my life
as thanksgiving for His grace

Being unaware of the time
 I pranced around through space

The joy of my abandon
could nothing there displace

And all through the sand
my footprints you could trace

Even though the evening tide
did some of them erase

The warmth of the sun
I felt upon my face

As ever up and down
the shore in dance I race

The pleasure of His presence
I found in this place

Told me He was watching
my abandon dance of praise!

Teresa Marie  12/2/11


Why Only One?

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Why every year is
there only one day
our thanks to God
that we do say?

Why every week is
there only one day
we take time out
to kneel and pray?

Why only set aside
one hour each day
to spend with God
in some sorta way?

I do surely hope
on my judgement day
“Thanks for your time!”
to me God will say.

Teresa Marie  11/24/11

In The Shadows

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Into shadows of
space and time
have gone many
friends of mine

Where all those
years did go
I really don’t
seem to know

On a day
of giving thanks
I have searched
my memory banks

For the ones
that I did love
times like this
them I think of

I thank God
for those He gave
whom the road
for me pave

To be the me
I am today
as my thanks
to Him I say!

Teresa Marie  11/24/11


A Thanksgiving Day Poem For You All

Be thankful to God above
for His deep abiding love

Be thankful for His Son
Whom our salvation has won

Be thankful for life given you
show it in all you do

Be thankful for family and friend
this holiday with to spend

Be thankful for them all
whom into your path fall

Then while you’re being thankful
may your holiday not be dull

And wherever you may roam
may God bring you safely home!!

Teresa Marie  11/23/11

What’s To Be Thankful For?

What’s to be thankful for you ask?
To make a list is quite a task:

I’m thankful for my life
to be my lover’s wife

I’m thankful for my husband
who is my best friend

I’m thankful for the children
God blessed me with back when

I’m thankful for my great joys
my grandchildren, the girl and boys

I’m thankful for my father and mother
for my sister and for each brother

I’m thankful for my adopted ones
all the daughters and the sons

I’m thankful for every friend
into my life God did send

I’m thankful for legs to walk
and a mouth with which to talk

I’m thankful for ears to hear
and heart that holds no fear

I’m thankful for eyes to see
all the blessings God’s given me

And this list could go on
unto the stars and beyond

But let it suffice to say
I thank God for every day!

Teresa Marie   11/12/11

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Angel of Oriental Beauty

An angel of Oriental beauty

Appeared out in my garden

‘Twas a cool misty day

And the ground dew sodden


I’d glanced out the window

Just in time to see

Her raise a decorated flask

As I exclaimed with glee


Thought it my green thumb

That made the roses grow

But instead was this angel

Who allowed herself to show


Then I bowed my head

And offered up a prayer

Of thanksgiving to the Lord

Who charged this angel’s care!


Teresa Marie  9/7/11

Your Embrace

Darling, in your embrace
is comfort and safety
without time or space
it goes on endlessly

You did somehow replace
when you rescued me
from living in disgrace
saying I shouldn’t be

A heart that was empty
without reason to feel
drown by its misery
made hard as steel

Your love sent me
before God to kneel
with thanksgiving a plenty
for a love that’s real

It’s that tender embrace
each day I await
while my heart race
when you are late

 That God bestowed grace
on a sinner so great
says your every embrace
is much more than fate!

Teresa Marie  8/29/11


My Thank You Card to Almighty God

 Thank You, God, for loving me
and giving up Your only Son.
Thank You too for forgiving me
for all the things I’ve done. 

Thank You, God, for protecting me
when I’ve made my life hard.
Thank You for watching over me
and accept my thank You card.

Thank You, God, for seeing me
through the cover of Your Son.
Thank You for being my Rock
when I had need of one.

Thank You, God, for giving me
the choice of my own road.
Thank You for letting me see
the burdens it added my load.

Thank You, God, for soothing me
when no one else was there.
Thank You for always showing me
just how much You really care.

Thank You, God, for comforting me
and bestowing on me Your peace.
Thank You for the proof to me
that Your love does never cease.

Thank You, God, for blessing me
when I was deserving of none.
Thank You for not condemning me
by the sacrifice of Your Son.

Thank You, God, for gifting me
with a family that I love.
Thank You for the angels who
guard me from heaven above.

Thank You, God, for just me
who You’ve molded me into.
Take this card and You’ll see
it’s signed with love to You!

Teresa Marie 3/4/11