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Hello My Friends!!

Hello my friends!!  I have missed you all very much.  I have been extremely tied up right now with my jewelry; Sara and going back to school things; family crisis; and today my mother’s eldest brother passed away.  

So there has been a lot of hectic stuff to deal with, along with my normal health issues and a slight shingles re-occurance 😦

I had a few minutes and decided to take the time to catch up with you all and do a few quick posts.

It will probably be another week or so of the hit and miss posts/responses, I’m sorry.

I hope to be back on a regular schedule soon though!

Love and hugs to you all!!  God bless, Terri

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A Few Points of Interest To Share

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(*1)  SPAM FOLDER:  Those of you who are regular visitors already know this and those of you who are new will find out in good time, I try extremely hard to make sure I respond to every comment that I receive (whether on my own blog or a reply from yours that requires a response back).  

I have just found out within the last week or so that a lot of items have been inadvertently put in my spam folder here and on my e-mail account.  I discovered this purely by accident and have no idea how long it has been going on.

Quite a while back, I started receiving an inordinate amount of spam in both places.  After many days and much wasted time going through them all, I decided to regularly delete large quantities spam received in a day without viewing them.  

Therefore, if you have left a comment or replied to a comment that I made on your blog and asked me a question back or something and I did not respond to you, my deepest apologies!!  IT WAS NEVER INTENTIONAL ON MY PART!

  I love the new button thingy WordPress installed on our toolbar so we can respond on the fly but it only holds 9 items at a time and I’m finding that is not nearly enough if I haven’t been on the internet for a few hours 😦  So I am now pretty certain that there are people who have been neglected.  More than likely would be some of you newer followers because your comments must be approved at least once before they will automatically post here without administration.

***  Already had to come back and edit this post:  Just checked my spam folder on my e-mail acc. and found things (posts, comments, replies) from my regular, long-time subscribers in there!!  Don’t know what happened but I am more sure than ever some people have not heard back from me!!!!  SORRY!


(*2) UPDATE ON DAD:  I received an e-mail yesterday from mom and today talked to her and dad both:  He is sleeping well; eating large portions at mealtimes; has gained 7 lbs. which puts him up to 144 total; he played 2 games of bid Euchre yesterday (which for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a complex card game with trump, high or low, etc.) and mom said he did very well; he worked almost the whole morning crossword puzzle and began reading again!!!!  Hallelujah and praise God!!!

His next doctor appt. is on May 11th and we are hoping he will be able to come back home at that time.  He sounded good and in great spirits today on the phone.  THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!


(*3) UPDATE ON PENNY:  Due to several problems Penny was having at the extended care facility in town; the doctors in Indy released her to go home as long as her son was staying with her full-time, a visiting nurse and physical therapist each could be arranged.  That was accomplished on Friday one week ago and she is doing great!!!!!  

It will be a long haul due to the sepsis and everything else but her mood and depression have improved tremendously since she’s been home.

Penny, her family and I all want to say; THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless and keep you in His care,


Blubbering Fool; Listen and Write – Adele – Someone Like You

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The stench of beer and pizza from several days ago lingered in the man cave.  Nathaniel had lost his job and he felt his entire life slipping away.  The girl he was in love with was dating someone else, not that he had ever bothered to share his feelings with her.  He knew he wasn’t good enough for her.  She was looking for marriage, a family, a life he could never provide, but she had always been there for him, a glowing possibility that he worried would soon no longer exist.  No one would have pegged him for an Adele fan, but something in her voice, something in this song spoke to him.  He would never find someone else like Aniela, but bravado and pride had him mouthing the words in the darkness of his man cave.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

As Nathaniel sat there
and mouthing the words
that Adele was singing

 The meaning of it all
a new train of thought
to his mind bringing

While the melody
and her superior voice
in his ears were ringing

He considered them
to be meant for him
 his eyes began stinging

And he couldn’t stop
tears from welling up
as he began crying

“What a blubbering fool
you are a stupid man
for never even trying”

For any other thought
wouldn’t be the truth
and he would be lying

As he hit the repeat
to hear the song again
he felt his heart dying

With his head in hand
the tears falling fast
as it started to play

He couldn’t help thinking
of all the things that
to her he didn’t say

And now another man
was there in her life
to steal her heart away

As he just sat here
in his man cave
and hitting the replay!

Teresa Marie  2/13/12 ©

Listen and Write – Adele – Someone Like You

by Ermilia






































are combined
or stand alone 

have each
of their own 

for speaking
thoughts to convey 

as history
for another day

should be
used much more

is lacking
like never before


Teresa Marie  1/23/12 © 


Staring Out The Window

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I’m staring out the window
on this day in December
and I find myself wishing
that it was still September

Outside it is so cold
although the sun is shining
and it’s for the warmth
that I find myself pining

Wind through the fir trees
out there is still blowing
and I am quite sure
have windmills behind me going

As I watch the trucks
go up and down the road
the sight of coming weather
crosses the ground freshly hoed

And makes me want the crops
put back in the field
as ’twas a few months ago
before giving up their yield

But as I well know
it is the time of season
for which my melancholy state
has no rhyme or reason

 As I float on its winds
like those there blowing outside
I try to find a place
in my mind to hide

If only I could hibernate
until the coming of spring
I’d think it the greatest blessing
that God could to me bring

But that’s not how we’re made
so I’d better suck it up
and stop my sitting here staring
down at an empty coffee cup!

Teresa Marie  12/10/11  ©

 I just found this poem that I had written last month and forgot to post 🙂