Small Victories Won

When the day was done
in the battle we’d begun
small victories had been won
but the war rages on

Our faith we did maintain
and from doubt did refrain
though the combat became insane
’twas fought with little pain

More we must now do
before the next does ensue
but, Father, we trust in You
to carry us all the way through!

Teresa Marie  12/1/11


Just Don’t Understand

It can’t be what God planned
when He had first created us

From another something we demand
or throw them under the bus

The love in Him I know
as sure as I am alive

Doesn’t expect that His child go
right under those wheels to dive

A relationship toxic to you
I believe with all my heart

God wouldn’t admonish you to
never, ever from it depart

Lord I need You to guide
and lead me the right way

To help them heal inside
 give me the words to say

You’ve been so beaten down
to feel broken beyond repair

It seems that you are boun’
to the cross of your despair

But I know God wants you
to know you’re never alone

No one has the right to
make your heart turn to stone

You have more love to give
in the smallest of your fingers

Than if forever they should live
when the hatred in them lingers

So give it to those who
are the ones that deserve it

And unconditionally accept it from you
instead of making you earn it

For I just don’t understand
what it is that they expect

When they’ve done nothing but to
show you contempt and disrespect!

For Ash, I love you very much!!

Teresa Marie  11/23/11

Don’t Ask God

Don’t ask God to make
what things you can’t take

To be easier on you
but rather ask Him to

Make you a little stronger
that you will last longer

Bad times to get through
because He has blessed you!

Teresa Marie  11/17/11



My Monday Thoughts – Round and Round She Goes…

I feel like this picture of the moon: out-of-place, off kilter and partially here.

I went and got my drug screen done this morning for court.  One thing down on my list of things to do for everything and everyone.  I’m bushed already.

Got up at 5:45 to get Sara up and going for school.  That girl wakes up slower than a ten-year itch!!  Almost hit a guy on a bike on his way heading for campus.  I didn’t see him and he was riding right out in the road.  It was dark out still and he didn’t have any reflectors.  It would have been my fault though.

It about gave me a heart attack and probably him too!  I told Sara that I was not rushing around anymore to get her to school on time just because she took 45 minutes for remove herself from the bed!  Next time I will do what Mark said to and pour water on her, lol!!

After I dropped her off, I went to the lab so they could cut my hair 😦  I don’t have all that much left as it is and I hate having to lose any more of it than I have to.  But, at least that’s done with.

I’ve got to go start getting the coffee made for Mark and figure out what to make him for breakfast and what he can take for his lunch/dinner tonight.  I hope he gets a day off soon ’cause he is dead off his feet, poor baby!  He has worked four 12 hour shifts in succession.

Just wanted to shoot off a quick note to everyone and let you know that I’m pretty busy but will catch up with you all just as soon as I can!!

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us! 

Peace and blessings,

A Labyrithn

A big labyrinth
it does seem
more a nightmare
than a dream

Where there is
great endless stairs
that increase worries
and your cares

For they go
on and on
where has the
time all gone

Feel you’ll never
find the way out
as your fear
gives way to doubt

But hold on
there’s an end
on this fact
you must depend

Don’t give up
you must have hope
or you’ll never
be able to cope!

Teresa Marie   10/21/11

Tough Enough

“Do you think
you’re tough enough
to make it through
when it gets rough?”

And she said
“I think so
but you never
really do know,”

“‘Til you’ve begun
for yourself to fight
because you know
you’re doing what’s right.”

“Do you want
to take the chance
when first blood
you more than glance?”

“I’ll tell the truth
go for it all
when the time comes
 my name they call!”

“You’ll have to be
pretty darn strong
but what you’re doing
is nothing wrong!”

Teresa Marie  10/21/11


God allows us trials
that muscles we build
to makes us stronger
and spirit be stilled

It may seem that
I am being absurd
but we need strength
here among the herd

When we are all
jostled and juggled around
without having any trials
where is strength found

With training for running
the heart’s made stronger
and the more we do
we can go for longer

So in your trials
remember it’s for muscle
and don’t let God be
lost in the hustle & bustle

Teresa Marie  10/18/11

Good Morning, This Is God

Good Morning, this is God
writing you from above

With this note I’m sending
 all of My love

Handling all your problems today
alone will I be

I don’t need for you
to be helping Me

So you just go on
about your daily things

Then wait and you’ll see
what miracles it brings

Know you are My child
and I care for you

Therefore have some faith that
I know what to do!

Your loving Father

Teresa Marie   10/17/11

The Streets At Night

Walk the streets at night
but I am not afraid
for our Lord and Savior
my price has already paid

I go out there among
the lowly and down trodden
whom the world in general
has just as well forgotten

When people have no home
nor any food to eat
sleeping in a cardboard box
there in some alley street

There are some who think
the fault is their own
because of drugs or alcohol
they have lost their home

But that is the furthest
from what is really true
when they lost their job
couldn’t pay the mortgage due

So I walk the streets
at night to give hope
I tell them of Jesus
and how He helps to cope!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11


Just Another Word

My silence is
what worries you

But there’s nothing
you can do

When it is
just another word

For my pain
that goes unheard

In my suffering
I am alone

Through my silence
do I moan

And this hurt
has me unnerved

When its cause
is so undeserved

So this silence
is another word

For my pain
and suffering unheard!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11