Mind Of Freedom

There once was
a little girl
Her hair shimmered
essence of pearl

Forced to live
in the forest
By a troll
as imprisoned guest

Upon his house
stumbled one day
When he then
hid her away

And kept her
as his treasure
For her beauty
gave him pleasure

In his world
of such ugliness
She added it
a ray of brightness

Her only friends
a few dove
And how them
she did love

Each and every
night she pray
God sent them
to carry her away

Under the troll’s
ever watchful eye
No way escape
she’d even try

But never gave
up her hope
The only way
that she cope

One day soon
her rescuers come
Taken out from
under his thumb

Then true happiness
she would find
Instead of only
freedom of mind! 

Teresa Marie  9/20/11