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Where Is The One?

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Where is the one
who will accept me
for who I am
not what they see?

Where is the one
if they don’t agree
will leave it alone
and let me be?

Where’s the one when
push comes to shove
that stands behind me
rising beyond and above?

Where is the one
when I’m thought of
who sees my quirks
as something to love?

Where is the one
with whom I’m free
to tell my secrets
and won’t betray me?

Where is the one
who’s the most truthfully
just as loyal as
I thought they’d be?

Is there not one
friend to the end
who over backwards
for me would bend?

Isn’t there one person
with whom I blend
so very well that
my life they’d defend?

If all these things
for them I’d do
should I not expect
the same then too?

Where is the one
that’s tried and true
and that does everything
that they promise to?

Dear God,  I pray
You’d bless me with one
good trustworthy friend
before my life’s done

And yet I know
if there are none
to be found on earth
You’re my fan # One!

Teresa Marie  12/12/11

For J~ with love!


Within The Depths Of Me


You hold my heart in
the palm of your hand

I know that this
you do not understand

But giving all  there is
within the depths of me

Know I’ll follow you
from here to eternity

You colored my life
in rainbowed hues

More alive and vibrant
as it ensues

When I awake with
the break of morn

Vestige of your kisses
do my face adorn

The vows I said
on our wedding day

Are ever so true
unto this very day


Should you go on
to heaven before me

Then my empty arms
would ache for thee

Let me count the ways
that I love you

For there must be
about a million or two!

Teresa Marie  12/9/11

I love you Mark!


The Irish Are

The Irish are proud people
loyal, heartfelt and strong
in their beliefs and religion
but do them no wrong

‘Cause this I will say
if something bad you do
they’ll forgive you for it
as God commands us to

But they will not ever
forget the thing you’ve done
their memory can be long
and trust must be won

Yet they are light-hearted
filled with laughter and joy
take them not for granted
or their friendship ever destroy

For those proud Irish people
will be your best friend
always stay loyal to you
and love you until the end!

Teresa Marie   10/11/11

For my Irish family, heritage and country of origin.
I love you Mom and Dad!

In The Future

Right actions in the future

You know what I mean

Are the best apologies for

What it should have been


But instead what was done

Bad actions of the past

May still be corrected for

Their forgiveness to then last


Just make it up to them

By the future actions you do

Show that you may be trusted

With shining colors to come through!


Teresa Marie  10/10/11

It May Not Seem

It may not really seem
like very much to you

But it’s all I have
in the whole world too

I want you to know
although it looks so small

I’m offering it to you
for you to have it all

Please take care of it
and cherish it as deserved

That the love contained within
will always then be preserved.

Teresa Marie  9/8/11

Playing The Game

As with anything in life
how you play the game

Shows something of your character
for everything is the same

Through each and every day
it is how you live

That will then a reputation
to each of us give

But of a man’s character 
it is the truest test

At the time he loses
that will tell us best

For if it he does
with humility and grace

Then is your trust
safe in him to place!

Teresa Marie   9/2/11



Never In Your Life

What you must never do
in your whole life through

Is these four things break
it’d be your worst mistake

Trust, promise, relation and heart
from these four never depart

If you remember all of these
God in heaven you will please

But if you break even one
here is what you have done

A heart you have broken
and not a word was spoken

For there was not a sound
that could be heard around

But rather a silent pain
to in that heart remain

So never break these four
’til you knock on heaven’s door!

Teresa Marie  5/12/11