Not What I Expected

He said “I love you”
And I felt it in my soul
“I’ll take care of you,
For that is a husband’s role”

“If you’ll marry me,
I promise not to leave you,
And as you will see
To never, ever hurt you”

“I do believe you”
Yet the words were hard to say
“I’m in love with you”
But my head screamed “Run away!”

My heart he did steal
And he heard me say “I do”
Then prayed it was real
But my soul already knew

Vowing “I love you”
To the man I respected
Meant “forever” too
A silent fear deflected

I stayed ever true
Though with time felt rejected
‘Cause when God took you
It’s not what I expected

Grief moved in to stay
The moment that I lost you
When there is no way
To love this life without you

For my husband, Mark (Aug., 1961 to Jan.,2019)

Teresa Marie  7/4/20


My Need

need to please


Monday’s Thought From Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Facade?

The Higher Power

Another Form of Greed – Hay(na)ku

Angel Wings Beating

When I am brought low

I search all heaven above

For there do I know

I’m watched with infinite love


In a moment that’s fleeting

Do I feel I’m alone

For the angel wings beating

Make His presence always known


With a lost faith in man

Through this trial we go

And trusting in God’s plan

That the truth will show!


Teresa Marie  11/28/11


On a tightrope I race
through the air and space
while they attempt to displace
the truth to my disgrace

Lie upon lie they add
trying their story to pad
when the reality’s so sad
that they’re all barking mad

One day ’twill be known
when light of day’s shone
on how it has all grown
in the mind of one alone

Let the battle be won
when all’s said and done
in truth what was begun
has been seen by everyone

For God has rescued me
through my life’s history
just as now will He
from this tightrope set me free!

Teresa Marie  11/22/11

Someone’s Opinion

The opinion of someone
and things they say
will not affect you
down along the way

For people like to talk
to hear their own voice
can’t make it true
just by their choice

Don’t ever allow it 
to become your reality
but let it roll off
with all its brutality

For their silly yapping
won’t mean a thing
if you show them
that you’re not listening

People with their own
eyes will then see
what the truth is
if you let it be!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11

The Story Behind The Praying Hands A Fake?

Today I received the following comment pertaining to an earlier post that I did where I pasted an e-mail that I received with “the story of The Praying Hands” in it:

Dennis says:

This email is a fake, go to Wikipedia and read the real story, there was no brother involved in any of this, as usual just a BS email for people to believe in the grace of God or something, even when there isn’t any truth to it.

This got my ire up a little bit and here was my response to this individual:

terri0729 says:
  • Dennis, It’s too bad that you feel that way. If the story is fake, I really don’t care ’cause the picture is inspiration enough to me in itself. As far as the grace of God goes, you picked the wrong person to make that comment to. I personally have experienced the grace of God over and over again in my lifetime. Even to the point of a near-death encounter with the Light!!! So, although I will post your comment, I will not acknowledge any truth to your conclusions. But to each his own, right? Peace, Terri

Needless to say, anyone who has read my blog for more than two seconds knows that this type of comment wouldn’t fly with me!  But if it is true that this story is a fake, my regular readers know that I’d be the first one to say that I was wrong.  I don’t have the time nor desire to go and research this one.  If you would like to explore the veracity of Dennis’s comment, please be my guest.  As I said in my reply, I really don’t care.  I don’t mean that to sound arrogant or condescending, I just mean that I have more important things to worry about right now than this silliness.  It’s obvious that this person is a non-believer.  That’s his God-given right.  Just as it is my God proven right to believe.  The rest you can decide for yourself.  My intent is not to offend anyone but just to set the record straight as I always try to do :).

Peace and blessings,  Terri